Any workout should start with a warm up that will prepare the muscles to the load. To stretch all of the muscles from neck to calves. As a first exercise, to do exercise aimed at burning fat from problem areas. This is usually a press or sides. They also need to finish the training. Things are done at 3 sets of 20-50 reps of each exercise, depending on the physical condition of the athlete.

Then you should perform any aerobic exercise, such as Jogging or Cycling. Do it with moderate intensity for 15-20 minutes. Aerobic exercises to actively engage in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as help burn fat molecules.

The above exercises should be performed every week. The rest need to combine at their discretion. One training day can be devoted to legs, the other the back, third breast, and arms. This will allow to pay attention and work out these muscle groups.

Making exercise program for weight loss, preference should be given to complex exercises such as squats, various pulls and presses. Exercise for legs might include: squats, leg press, lunges with dumbbells, rises on the calf, etc. Activity aimed at developing the back: deadlift (for women – with dumbbells), traction belt, traction, upper and lower blocks hyperextension. Workout for chest and arms: bench press, standing press, dips, lifting on a biceps, wiring dumbbells. Of these exercises should be to pick 2-3 and do them on that day.

In order to prevent the body's adaptation to stress, each month you can replace exercises counterparts. For example, the bench press can be replaced by a wiring of dumbbells, a Squat – leg press, deadlift – pull rod to the belt, etc. of the Load should also vary.

At the end of the workout again to do aerobic exercise and 2-3 sets on the side or press. At the end of the workout should be the feeling of complete fatigue, the muscles need to ache and ache. You need to train with full commitment, only then classes will bear fruit.

Any exercise aimed at weight loss should be done with high intensity so your heart rate was at a high enough level. The higher the pulse and breathing more often, the better will be fat burning effects of exercise. Breaks between sets and exercises should not exceed 2-3 minutes. Training duration should be at least one and not more than two hours. A week should do 3-4 times.

Remember that exercise to reduce weight can not bring result without hypocaloric diet and avoiding harmful habits.