Do I need to anoint the child with green paint?
In Russia, manifestations of chickenpox on the body, it is customary to smear green paint. Many people think that once opened, it is necessary to do. In fact, it is a myth. The fact that nowhere except Russia Zelenka chickenpox do not oil it first. Second - Zelenka no positive effects on the body and on the disease has not. If you each spot will smear, the number of spots is reduced from that, they will be just as well to "flow". The child should or not to smear, or smear the cosmetic drying means.

Is it possible to bathe the child?
If the child has no temperature, then bathe it. While in the bath, not necessary to add potassium permanganate, this is another misconception. Better from the addition of potassium permanganate will not. Itself bathing can relieve the itching, because when the baby's skin is sweaty, itching intensified. Remember that rubbing the skin of a patient with chickenpox towel is impossible. To remove the water, "probabilite" the skin.

Is it possible to walk on the street?
Yes, you can. Of course, if you are sick, it is better to avoid the company of other children, but this does not mean that you cannot go outside at all. You're in luck. if you get sick in the summer the sun's rays will provide the skin the beneficial effects, better than Zelenka or iodine with potassium permanganate.

We are considered in the article the basic misconceptions and myths around the windmill. Be more competent in the treatment, then you will be able to alleviate the disease. Health to you!