By itself, the chicken pox is a highly contagious infectious disease of viral nature. It is the high degree of infectiousness is the main reason that the treatment of chickenpox must take place in the home. You cannot walk, go shopping, etc. Often in connection with chicken pox, the question arises: is it possible to bathe during this disease and when you can start to take a bath after the cessation of new blisters on the skin. Because to stay old on the skin of both child and adult can be long enough.

Is it possible to bathe during chicken pox

Many doctors argue that showering during chickenpox is impossible, since this leads to greater spreading of rashes on the body. Therefore, it is believed that bathing during the active course of chickenpox leads to protracted disease.
Such a theory has nothing to do with reality. After all, bubbles are formed due to the presence of virus in the blood, not skin diseases. The deterioration of the situation can lead only to improper hygiene.

But today, more and more doctors are beginning to say that during chicken pox swimming is not only possible, but necessary. Because the background contamination of the skin and itching, vesicles, and inadvertent opening can get quite serious skin problems. The only thing you need to remember that you should follow some rules in order not to cause harm to the body.

So, you should not take a bath or shower, while there is increased body temperature.
It is impossible to wash, and in that situation, if the temperature is normal, but the patient noted a fever.

The very same wash with chicken pox helps reduce itching of the skin, calm the skin, etc. and if the patient's condition is normal: has normal temperature, no fever - we can wash at least a few times a day. Just keep in mind that for washing you need to use warm water but not hot. We can wash under the shower and in the bathroom.

Something to add to the water when washing

To wash it was most useful, it should be added to the water decoction of herbs that have anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and ranozazivluschee properties. So, for example, helps to improve the skin a decoction of celandine, calendula, chamomile, oak bark, etc. just add to bath herbal decoction, to make it as useful as possible.

Bath herbs speed up the drying of the rash, relieve itching, reduce skin irritation. It is proved that when the disease of chicken pox is the most difficult to cope with itching, which cause bubbles on the skin. Comb them categorically it is impossible - because the risk to vibilisra the wound, which will leave traces on the skin for life.

Alternatively, the bath can be added to potassium permanganate. It is known for its disinfecting properties.

What you should consider when washing during chicken pox

During chicken pox it is impossible to wash using soap. Moreover, this limitation applies to both solid and liquid funds. Also, do not RUB the skin with a loofah and other means like toothbrush, etc.

Experts recommend the use of neutral gels, which are applied to the skin have palms and gently RUB the skin, being careful not to compromise the integrity of the bubbles.

And still need to properly dry off after a bath. Do not RUB body with a towel - there is a risk of damage to the bubbles, which is not very good and can lead to infection of the skin infection. Only need to gently blot the body with a clean, soft towel. Alternatively, you can leave the moisture on the skin to dry out naturally.