You will need
  • - vodka and vinegar
  • - baking soda or ground oatmeal
  • - Zelenka
  • - a mixture of chamomile flowers, yarrow, calendula
Lubricate the lesion with a mixture of vodka and vinegar. Mix 3% vinegar with vodka in equal parts, add water (one part of a mixture of two parts water). Wipe the body during the day – the solution will relieve itching and facilitate a common condition.
Do compresses. Dampen a soft cloth with cold water and whenladywhite it on the itchy places. Repeat the procedure several times a day.
Take bath with cool water, because water helps to relieve itching during chicken pox. Pour water, adjust the most comfortable temperature for you and lie down. Add in the bath a bit of soda or cups of ground rolled oats – these components will relieve irritation and soothe the skin.
Try to avoid scratching the itchy rashes, not to increase itching. After bathing, Pat the body, but do not RUB. Wear loose, not whenlegalway to the body, clothes.
Take antihistamines. Antiallergic drugs relieve itching, so drink suitable medication as often as necessary.
Avoid direct sun exposure. Do not allow overheating of the body – eye-catching sweat can intensify itching.
Dried bubbles. Do soda whensoaking, apply a nappy rash zelenkoj. Herbal extracts will help the sores faster be delayed, so when youprepare a mixture of chamomile flowers, yarrow, calendula. Herbs pour boiling water, steep for several minutes and wipe filtered infusion place rashes.
Use special creams and lotions. In order to prevent scratching and subsequent scarring, lubricate the skin with preparations containing disinfectants and anti-histamine compounds.