You will need
  • - solution of brilliant green
  • - solution furatsilina
  • - rose hips
  • - a series
  • - calendula flowers
  • carrots
The biggest problem with chickenpox is severe skin itching. In wounds resulting from scratching, you can get the bacteria and leave in their place small scars. This is especially true of children. Keep their fingernails were neatly trimmed, very young children wear cotton gloves.
Change your underwear daily. It, like bedding, should be made from natural materials so as not to disturb the already irritated skin.
Lubricate the bubbles rashes solution of brilliant green, rivanol, or potassium permanganate to dry them and prevent infection. If the rash appeared on the mucosa of the mouth, regularly and rinse with a weak solution miramistina or furatsilina.
Also for this purpose you can use tincture of calendula. Pour a glass of boiling water a tablespoon of flowers and steep for 15 minutes. Strain the infusion and rinse your throat and mouth, holding it in the liquid for 30 seconds, five times.
If the itching does not subside, consult your doctor on the subject of the appointment of antihistamines. Take a warm bath with chamomile and succession. Eat plenty of fluids, to include in the menu of tea of black currant and/or cranberry juice.
To help the body faster to cope with the disease, take vitamins. Both children and adults is recommended interferon and acyclic nucleosides. Rest.
To increase the resistance of the body, drink the infusion of rose hips. Put it in a thermos two tablespoons of pre-chopped fruits and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Leave for two hours. Mash two large carrots into a puree and add along with carrot juice in the infusion.
Reduce itching and promote drying of the rash lotion of the present series. Two tablespoons herb pour a glass of boiling water for 40 minutes leave it to infuse. For lotions, use only cotton cloth to the pile, as in the case of gauze or cotton wool does not remain on the skin.