The reasons why always want there

It is time to reconsider your diet. You may eat an unbalanced diet, and your body simply does not have enough vitamins and minerals. Just enough to balance the diet yourself or refer to a dietitian, who will help to create a detailed menu that meets the needs of your body necessary nutrients and calories. monitor incoming calories on the table that you can find on the Internet.
A false sense of hunger cause numerous diseases. To make an accurate diagnosis and adequate treatment can only be experienced doctor.

Often, constant hunger and desire to eat more than you need is associated with endocrine disorders. Unstable blood sugar levels is easy to determine using the tests, prescribed by a physician or endocrinologist. To maintain stable glucose levels will also recommend a special diet or pharmaceutical drugs.

If you want to eat sweets, take vitamins with chromium and zinc. The disadvantage of these substances leads to a systematic overeating, resulting in weights of arrows do not show the figures that you dream to see.

Even the most trivial violation of the day regimen can cause you to constantly hungry. Make it a rule to go to bed and get up at the same time. Don't skip Breakfast and don't eat 4 hours before bedtime. At night drink a drink rich milk bacteria. Your metabolism will improve, your appetite will decrease.

Than even full power does not guarantee that your body will receive adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals will absorb all the proteins and carbohydrates. If you are constantly hungry, think about what exactly it is useful to pass a special examination and, if necessary, to treat goiter.
Your daily diet should contain at least 50% of fruits and vegetables of the total volume of food. With this diet your body is not in danger.

How to cope with hunger without gaining weight

Eat fractional and often. Instead of snacking, use the dried fruit. They contain few calories and a large amount of ballast substances, which helps to eliminate the feeling of hunger and not to overeat during the main meal.

Currently, pharmacies sell fruit bars from different manufacturers. If you control weight and dream to keep fit, one or two bars between meals will help you cope with the feeling of hunger, without harming the figure.