Advice 1: How to stop being hungry

The constant desire to eat is most likely the person lacks something. Junk food, lack of vitamins, certain times of the year - and man always want to eat. To overcome this strong desire.
how to stop being hungry
In order to overcome the constant desire to create the RAID on the fridge, the first thing you need to overpower the nagging feeling of hunger. For this you need to consume more foods that contain fiber. Fiber gives the order to the intestines digest food longer, and thus the desire to eat comes later.
Of course, the menu of the Russian people rarely brown rice, oats, beans - but they contains high amounts of fiber. But in fruits ( apples, pears ), vegetables ( tomatoes, cucumbers ), its quantity is also large.
Conclusion: the need to use these products, thus the constant feeling of hunger will pass.
Fiber for weight loss
Implement in your menu foods that are rich in protein, thus you maintain adequate blood sugar levels. Protein-free products, especially with a high content of carbohydrates, dramatically increase the amount of sugar in the blood happens to be a non-critical error in the body.
Consumption of protein food reduces the rate of absorption of glucose in the blood, and thereby stabiliziruemost the level of sugar in the bloodstream.
Protein foods
To increase the frequency of eating instead of the number. It is best for such a diet: 2 Breakfast ( light and dense ), lunch ( first, second, third and compote) , afternoon tea and dinner. Small portions of food fully digested, the energy value of the leaves in his work. Thus there will be no fat permanent eating stabilizes blood sugar levels and bouts of hunger will occur less frequently.
2 Breakfast lunch snack and dinner
Often drink water to avoid dehydration. Work, riding and driving - all of these processes consume water, and it must be restored. If the body has enough water, it often appears craving to eat.
The constant feeling of hunger will come to naught, if the day to drink at least 2 litres of water per person.
water for weight loss
Hunger is transient, if you endure, you can be surprised to notice that it passed. About 20 minutes itchy feeling will remind you about yourself, but if you endure, it will pass. Find a hobby, distract yourself, exercise, and do not notice how to stop flatten stomach.
Useful advice
Try to eat fresh and clean food, junk food affects the body, does not carry the necessary useful elements.

Advice 2 : What to do to not feel like eating

You can't stop eating, and weight became a real problem? In this case, the time has come to part with the belief that the primary subject of the house – a fridge full of food. To tame appetite, you need to reconsider your attitude to food.
What to do to not feel like eating
Do not blame yourself for gluttony, and the pictures with the taped mouth clear eyes long. Tactics-torture works before the first attack of gluttony, which the body will avenge the forced abstinence.

Review your diet and nutrition. Tight is better in the first half of the day, but the evening is to eat something low – calorie- vegetable salads or unsweetened fruit. Eat at the same time, without waiting for the sucking stomach pain.

Get rid of the habit of overeating, it keeps the person feel extra bite never hurts. To the indomitable appetite has ceased to be your punishment, reduce the portions. Get up from the table, just in a low feeling of hunger. After a while you will sure the body may be content with a small amount of food.

Get Breakfast after charging and soul, allow yourself a little hungry, do not throw food immediately upon awakening. From attacks irrepressible appetite for several hours will relieve oatmeal, coffee with milk and muesli bars.

Constantly eating in front of computer and TV? This habit has nothing to do with hunger. Chips, sweet soda, crackers flavoured – all of these products are virtually devoid of nutrients, but are equipped with taste enhancers that encourage you to eat them again and again. As a snack suitable dried apples, cereal, bananas. They saturate and remove the feeling of hunger for a long time.

The desire all the time something to chew to drown out useful activities. Can't resist an extra piece of cake? But your life is so interesting apart from the food! Love to draw? Immediately grab brushes and paint. The child asks for help with a math problem? Do not deny him. The brain is occupied with important work, no longer distracted by food.

To hunger not pursued you constantly, try to avoid stress. The habit of "seizing" can be eradicated using different methods of relaxation Also regular physical activity among other things helps to put in order the metabolism and minimize the sudden bouts of brutal appetite.
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