In order to overcome the constant desire to create the RAID on the fridge, the first thing you need to overpower the nagging feeling of hunger. For this you need to consume more foods that contain fiber. Fiber gives the order to the intestines digest food longer, and thus the desire to eat comes later.
Of course, the menu of the Russian people rarely brown rice, oats, beans - but they contains high amounts of fiber. But in fruits ( apples, pears ), vegetables ( tomatoes, cucumbers ), its quantity is also large.
Conclusion: the need to use these products, thus the constant feeling of hunger will pass.
Fiber for weight loss
Implement in your menu foods that are rich in protein, thus you maintain adequate blood sugar levels. Protein-free products, especially with a high content of carbohydrates, dramatically increase the amount of sugar in the blood happens to be a non-critical error in the body.
Consumption of protein food reduces the rate of absorption of glucose in the blood, and thereby stabiliziruemost the level of sugar in the bloodstream.
Protein foods
To increase the frequency of eating instead of the number. It is best for such a diet: 2 Breakfast ( light and dense ), lunch ( first, second, third and compote) , afternoon tea and dinner. Small portions of food fully digested, the energy value of the leaves in his work. Thus there will be no fat permanent eating stabilizes blood sugar levels and bouts of hunger will occur less frequently.
2 Breakfast lunch snack and dinner
Often drink water to avoid dehydration. Work, riding and driving - all of these processes consume water, and it must be restored. If the body has enough water, it often appears craving to eat.
The constant feeling of hunger will come to naught, if the day to drink at least 2 litres of water per person.
water for weight loss
Hunger is transient, if you endure, you can be surprised to notice that it passed. About 20 minutes itchy feeling will remind you about yourself, but if you endure, it will pass. Find a hobby, distract yourself, exercise, and do not notice how to stop flatten stomach.