An irresistible sense of hunger can occur due to chronic lack of sleep. Lack of sleep leads to decreased production of the hormone leptin, which controls appetite. So you need time to go to bed and rest as much as is required by the body, not less than 7-8 hours.
A heightened sense of hunger can cause a deficiency in vitamins of group B. to compensate, eat foods rich in this vitamin are eggs, liver, vegetables and fruits, greens.
In the morning, eat porridge, but not immediately after waking up and in about an hour. Supplement Breakfast bun and a hot drink. Eat in a calm atmosphere, don't rush, chew your food well. During a meal do not engage in extraneous matters, do not read Newspapers or watch TV. It is useful to eat at the same time each day – so the body is adjusted to a meal in the allotted hour.
Stick to a sensible diet. Your body must get sufficient amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The sharp decline in carbohydrate food when wanting to lose weight can have the opposite effect: you will feel strong hunger and uncontrolled eating, causing weight gain.
With the feeling of hunger may be masked thirst, especially during stressful situations. Try the urge of hunger just drink water or tea. But if you do not help, then it is true hunger, the body indicates lack of nutrients.
Finish the meal with dessert. All food, except fast carbs digest slowly, so the feeling of satiety comes not at once. But eaten candy gives you almost instant "stuffing" of energy.
Hunger can be caused not to a real need, and a simple desire to go eat something to "drive" the boredom. In this situation, it is sufficient to be distracted, to deal with the alleged "hunger". To combat these conditions benefit from regular sports and physical activity.
For teenagers high the appetite is entirely natural and normal phenomenon associated with hormonal changes in the body. The same explanation and famine during pregnancy. Listen to your body, give him what he wants. And don't worry, this state will pass.