Why there is a constant feeling of hunger

Hunger is a natural body's need for energy, which is formed by obtaining nutrients. For the normal functioning of the person depending on his lifestyle, you must get enough food. But if some people after a meal is absolutely not thinking about food until the next time, then some constant hunger present throughout time.

Reasons eternal ninasimone of the body can serve a variety of factors. One of which is a large physical exertion related to heavy work, sports or just very active lifestyle. As a result, the metabolism will be accelerated, and the food is digested much faster and I'm hungry more often than usual.

Some people have a missing gene that is responsible for the control over hunger. And this man just can not stop, even when there's in fact he did not want. In the brain signal the saturation of the act, and it seems that there are always want, even just leaving the table.

Lack of sleep also can trigger hunger because the body will try to compensate for the energy not received during the holidays, with food. Mental load on the body, stress can also cause increased appetite, comfort eating problems.

Different diets with small portions, strong constraints and rigid framework provoke a constant sense of hunger, because the body does not get the required amount of the desired substances. Lack of certain vitamins (And glucose) produces a desire to eat something salty, sweet, sour.

Hormonal disruption associated with the use of hormonal methods, and women - because of the cycle, causing the appetite and desire constantly snacking.

If hunger is present for a long time and is not associated with the above listed factors then you may want to consult specialists and check their health. Because some disease can also increase appetite. One of them is the disease of the endocrine system leading to hormonal imbalances (possible problems with the thyroid gland). Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, dysbacteriosis sometimes also cause the desire to eat.

The increased appetite can cause parasites worms that actively absorb nutrients, depriving the person of many essential elements. People suffering from this usually fairly thin, but quickly tired and inactive.

How to fight hunger

Constant hunger many brings discomfort, and the figure affects not for the better. If nothing is done, the head will sit only one thought - to eat, that the frustration of this desire may ultimately lead to mental disorders.

First is to understand the causes of the increased appetite. Maybe your body is just not enough calories consumed, here one solution is to increase the daily intake of food. If possible, replacing the maximum on healthy food, not a snack because of the chocolate and rolls.

Stress and other problems try not to eat and to be distracted in other ways, to do what you love. A good mood, and just the lack of free time will be deprived of the extra unnecessary eating.

Try to get involved rigid diets with very strong restrictions, and more smoothly transition to the right food. Drink plenty of pure water - especially before meals - this causes more rapid saturation. The food itself must be thoroughly and slowly chewed and not be distracted by TV or a book.

Get plenty of rest, take your sleep, try to eat rationally, consuming food all the necessary vitamins and minerals, and if necessary, add special vitamin complexes.

If none of this helps and the feeling of hunger is always present, you should consult a doctor probably behind this is some sort of violation in the body, eliminating which, adjusts and appetite.