Skyrim does not require players strict adherence to the basic storyline, and it compares favorably with many other role-playing games. In principle, the player may not perform tasks related to the main plot, dealing instead with other things: the strengthening of authority in the Guild of assassins, hunting giants and dragons, enrichment or real estate investment.

Cheap houses

All in the game you can buy five houses located in most major cities of the country. The first one is called "the House of the warm winds, he is in Whiterun, where the hero leads the storyline. The right to purchase this house worth 5000 septims character receives after completing "Windy peak". The house is quite cozy, especially after all the improvements, which will cost another 1800 septims.

A little more will have to pay for the houses in the cities of Markarth and Riften. Each of the buildings is 8000 septims, but to earn the right to buy them, will have to make some effort. So, in Riften will need to provide services to several residents and stop the drug trade, and also to carry out the instructions of the Earl, concerning the bandits. As for Markarth, the housing here can only be purchased not being below level 20. In addition, you will need special merits before the steward of the city and its inhabitants.

Luxury real estate in Skyrim

In the Northern city of Windhelm is the largest house in the game called "Harem". To purchase possible, your hero will have to go through the side storyline of the civil war, by one of the parties, and perform the quest "Blood on ice". The house will cost 12 thousand septims, and all of the improvements – in 8 thousand.

Finally, the real estate in the capital city, Solitude, as in real life, is the most expensive. Mansion proudspire manor, located near the Imperial Palace, would cost 25000 septims, but in order fully to perfect, will have to spend another 11 thousand. For the money the player receives a three-storey house in which there is an alchemy lab, an enchantment table, a stand for armor, multiple bedrooms and a lot of chests. To purchase proudspire manor, running jobs of the townspeople, the Earl and the steward of solitude.

Each house provides its owner with the ability to safely store your belongings and a comfortable stay. In addition, some satellites can open up a shop. Also in addition to real estate acquired through official channels, you can get a space different guilds of Skyrim, becoming their head.