Start to eat high-calorie food to gain weight. Adam's Apple visually will be less. Most of the Adam's Apple acts in men slim build.
Attend a sports or gym. An experienced instructor will show you exercises for inflating the shoulder muscles; together they will be working the muscles of the neck, which is a little "squeeze" the Adam's Apple.
To pump up the neck, systematically do the exercise of "wrestling bridge". To do this, lie on your back, vignete her, resting his head in the Mat, or the mattress and legs. In this position, bend your head back. Start to wiggle, changing the location of the touch head from the forehead to the nape. This is the easiest way to reduce the Adam's Apple at home.
Consider adding some details in your image. Much protruding Adam's Apple can be covered with a scarf, high collar sweater or turtleneck. Wear a scarf to the small size, otherwise it will seem that the neck you have a cast.
Go to the center for plastic surgery. If the Adam's Apple sticks out very much, then from the point of view of aesthetics, there is an operation to reduce the salient. Note that the operation is irreversible and has serious consequences, such as voice changes or loss.
If you decide to change the floor, you need chondrolaryngoplasty (truncation Adam's Apple) to make the voice more delicate, like a woman's. Directions are not necessary, as this operation is considered cosmetic.
Note your age at the time of surgery. With age, the laryngeal cartilage hardens, and this can complicate surgery to remove excess cartilage.
Think about what the neck after surgery may be a noticeable seam. Despite the fact that it is cosmetic, the degree of healing depends on the individual capabilities of the patient. Rehabilitation is not required.