Make the right diet. Excess fat is always clean complex workout + diet. Trim calorie diet. More carbs in the morning, low at night. Fruits and vegetables make a significant part of the diet.
Do exercises with dumbbells. Buy small weights – 500 g and do various exercises. For example, arm swing, slow and long.Also you can do swings arms without dumbbells, will be able without them to swing slower and longer.In addition to swings dumbbells and do bench press with your hands, pull-UPS and push-UPS. In principle, you can use any exercises involving the hands. Just don't do a lot of weight, because you can add volume at the expense of muscle.
Do the massage. Massage to reduce the volume of the arms may be less effective than exercises with free weights, but also gives some result. Ask someone to do you a hand massage, preferably with honey.
Use firming cream. This solution can also be used in combination with the previous solutions. If you don't like cream, you can use a facial lotion.
Go to shower after training. A contrast shower will have a beneficial effect on your skin. Also might as well walk across the hands with a washcloth. You will also boost the elasticity of the skin.
Liposuction is an extreme measure. If you are too lazy to do exercises, massages and creams you will not get any effect, contrast shower not move, then only have the option to go to a surgeon.However, it should be remembered that laziness is man fat. And if you yourself surgically to drain the fat from the hands, nothing will prevent you back him to score.