Who and what has the right to take the child from the mother

If the mother willingly wants to give children, the question of separation from the child is always the court. Depriving a child of maternal attention affects a child's psyche. The younger the child, the more severe this process. Therefore, in most cases, judges are on the side of the mother, in spite of all secondary indicators.

Children are left to live with the mother even if the father or other persons applying for accommodation with a child, will prove the superiority of the material or the presence of more comfortable conditions of housing.

Honest women with good intentions it is almost impossible to sue a child.

Trials on this topic are mainly held between the parents, former spouses, where the father wishes to obtain the right to live together with the child, if not to deprive mother of parental rights. Plaintiffs can also be relatives, grandparents, if they believe that the mother leads an immoral life and do not deserve the title, and will convince the court.

There are times when to stand up for the child there is no one, no immediate family, and the mother is dysfunctional. Come to the aid of bodies of guardianship and guardianship, they act on behalf of the state. First, the civil servants are following and watching a dysfunctional family. If the tests confirmed the poor performance of parental duties by the mother, the question of deprivation of her parental rights and the separation of a mother with a child. In such cases, it is an extreme measure that primarily protects the interests of the child.

Other causes of separation from children

Can arise a situation when nobody wants to take the child from mom and the courts until the case comes. Parents after a divorce can mutually agree on who will be the child. If the conditions stay with the father, according to mother, best for baby, it may voluntarily abandon primary rights to the upbringing of the child.

According to the laws of our country, children over 10 years old can decide with whom they should stay. If the case went to trial, in such cases, based on the children's opinion decides who gets the child.

Another reason is the incapacity of the mother. This decision is made by the court, and subsequently the child lives separately.

In all cases, all movements in the field of separation of mother and child is unpleasant, but if a woman wants to be with her baby, they are virtually unsuccessful.