The reasons why the mother can take the child

Unfortunately, not all mothers are perfect. There are those who neglect to motherhood, offending their children or compromising their rights. There are a number of reasons, after which the mother may be deprived of their parental rights.

Termination of parental rights occurs if the mother is unable to cope with their responsibilities as a parent; refuses to take the child from the hospital or from the hospital where he is; abusing their rights in relation to the child; behaving violently towards children, using mental or physical violence, and worst of all - encroaching on sexual inviolability of the child; suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction; committed some crime that was dangerous to her children or husband.

How is the termination of parental rights

To pick up the child from the mother, you must provide evidence that mother is unable to fulfil their maternal responsibilities. They will need the help of witnesses and documents about the financial status of the person who wants to take the child himself.

The decision that the child is taken from mother, father passing, takes only the court. This happens when the mother in the family suffers from alcoholism or drug addiction. In this case, the father is obliged to provide evidence of the status of women, which includes medical opinion and help.

If the mother neglects their duties towards the child, for example, she leaves the baby alone for several days, and she disappears in the middle of nowhere. In this case, the father is also entitled to sue the deprivation of women's maternal rights. It is very important that at the hearing the hall was attended by several witnesses that the mother do not take care of the baby properly.

If a woman raising a child alone, being divorced, she could become a victim of the fact that it will be deprived of maternal rights. It is possible in the case when the father of the child has a housing and means for the child and the mother are absent.

However, the taking away of the child is not necessarily linked to the deprivation of parental rights. For example, a child previously living with my mother, can give to education the father. Such a decision shall be made by the court. At trial pay attention to how a mother raises a child, it contains many time he pays. Also taken into account the opinion of the child (sometimes there were occasions when the children themselves expressed desire to live with dad, because with him they felt better about themselves), as well as the views of close relatives.