With the statement for deprivation of mother's parental rights may address his father, foster parents or guardians. Even if you are not a close relative of the child, you have full rightsto write a statement and submit it to the relevant authorities. They will check and will submit a claim to the court. The application can serve and the neighbors, caregivers and school teachers.
The statement of claim about deprivation of mother's parental rights onthe rights of, remove to the court at her residence. If the place of residence is unknown, her last known address.
Find out if sufficient grounds for filing an application for deprivation of parental rights. The court will grant your petition only in the following cases: if the mother is not involved in the life of their child, brings up, shows no interest, doesn't care about his needs for a year or more; does not pay child support for at least 6 months; leads an immoral lifestyle, drinks, uses drugs. Or has she committed an intentional crime against his child.
Please note that the presence of all these reasons does not guarantee that the court will take a positive decision on your application. If the non-participation of the mother in the life of the child, as well as unpaid child support associated with her life, serious financial problems, sickness, it is likely the court will side with the defendant.
Collect as many evidence that the lack of communication with the child was not caused by the problems of life, and complete indifference to him, and the evasion of alimony payments evidence of complete financial insolvency and multiple dismissals from work, for example, for drunkenness. Confirm the charges of alcoholism and drug abuse medical report. Or enlist the testimony of neighbors about the immoral behavior of his neighbor.
A more complex case represents the termination of parental rights, if you do not know where the defendant. It is unlikely that the court will pass the decision on deprivation of her rights only on this basis. Gather evidence that you find believable is really impossible: make requests to the pension Fund, tax inspection and take extracts from the passport, with your last job. In addition, no harm will and testimony of friends and acquaintances. The opinion of the child can also listen.