The main reason the child after the divorce is with the father, is the failure of a woman of their maternal duties. This includes cases of chronic alcoholism, mental disorders or any other serious diseases.
The evidence of such a deranged state women represent is quite real. It can be a medical certificate from the institutions in which it is registered, the testimony of witnesses confirming that the mother is insane or incompetent. In these cases, the child will be given to the education of the father.
Sometimes to influence the court's decision can and other less significant factors: lack of the mother material resources, the lack of free time for education, etc. But such indirect causes are much less likely to affect the decision of the judges in favor of the father.
Sometimes fathers win the case, failing to prove that staying with the mother infringes on the interests of the child or is dangerous to his life. However, to collect evidence it will be possible only in the case when the mother is extremely anti-social way of life.
In fact, the cases in which fathers do intend to pick up the child, not so much. Even in the midst of a very negative feeling to your ex-wife, most men understand that it is unlikely to be able to replace the child's mother. But the father to replace. Therefore, be reasonable to act in the best interests of the child, to help him to fully communicate with each of the parents.
To summarize, we can conclude that the father is able to win the case in court only in cases where children stay with the mother actually threatened their well-being. All other interpersonal conflicts that occur because of the baby, often remain in the border zone, and only the correct set of evidence could decide the case in favor of the father.