The cause of an epidemic of detecting mitral valve prolapse in recent years has become widespread introduction of ultrasound in clinical practice. Such studies are conducted, including the heart and are called echocardiogram.

What is mitral valve prolapse

Experience in conducting ultrasound of the heart is still not great. That is why between detected anomalies and real knowledge about the work of the heart lies an abyss.

Mitral valve prolapse is a congenital anomaly and represents a real cardiac disorders. In addition, prolapse with mitral insufficiency (regurgitation) first or second degree is not a heart defect.

Heart valves may have slight dysphonia folds due to high blood pressure, while such behavior is not a violation of the heart.

All cardiac valves can have a small deflection in the lack of ability to keep blood pressure. However, this dysfunction does not affect the heart in General and does not require a doctor's visit every month. Suffice it to pursue a cardiac ultrasound every two years.

Need to take any measures (medical treatment or drink vitamins) to eliminate such anomalies is not available. It is noted the fact that, over the life of the mitral valve prolapse may disappear by itself. However, sufficient explanations of this phenomenon yet.

Sports for mitral valve prolapse

Real contraindications to conventional physical exercise with mitral valve prolapse are not available. The same applies to reasonable physical exercise.

People involved in professional sports, you should consult with your doctor to clarify the possible influence of sport activities on health.

Restrictions on playing sports when prolapse are imposed only when a high degree of mitral insufficiency.

Typically, mitral regurgitation first degree no restrictions on playing sports is not entered. This degree of failure is acceptable in healthy people and does not impose additional restrictions.

When regurgitation of the second degree is necessary to consider the risk of possible loss of consciousness during exercise. Among the allowed types in such cases remain running, swimming, soccer, gymnastics and others.

The third degree of regurgitation imposes a ban on any exercise until complete correction of the defect. In such cases, may come up and surgical intervention to prevent heart failure.