Reboot the phone

Disable and re-enable the phone is the first thing to do if no messages are sent. The network may experience downtime, which can cause issues like inability to send SMS. In this case, a simple reboot of the cell phone solves this problem.

Problems from the other party

If your phone is not SMS are sent to a specific subscriber, try to find out if there are any restrictions to accept messages from him. Maybe your number is listed in the "Black list" of the recipient. There is a likelihood that the subscriber is the recipient of a faulty SIM card or disabled the sending of messages.

The number of the SMScenter

In most cases, problems with the SMS sending caused due to incorrectly spelled the SMS center. Using the phone menu in the settings SMS tab, locate the "service Center", enter a valid number of the SMS centre and save the changes.

The number of the SMS center for each operator:
- Beeline +7 903 701 1111
Megaphone +7 928 990 0028
- MTS +7 916 899 9100 or +7 916 896 0220
Tele2 +7 950 809 0000

The data channel

In the phone menu in SMS settings, find the tab "SMS" and choose "GSM". In some models of phones as options are “CS” and “PS”. In this case, it is necessary to note the “CS”.


Perhaps the message is not sent because the other subscriber's number is included in the "blacklist" your phone. Check through the menu, activated this feature. If the option is enabled, disable it.
Among the service operators also have a "Black list". If you have problems with sending messages, you must specify connection information of the service on your room.

Sending SMS

Check on your connection to the service SMS. This information you can get from the operator your cellular company, through the self-service or on the official website.

Call center operators:
Beeline: 0611
Megaphone: 0500
MTS: 0890
Tele2: 611

Services self-service operators:
Beeline: *111#
Megaphone: *105#
MTS: *111#
Tele2: *111#

Memory SMS

Check the memory status of the SMS. Overflowing the memory of the PHONE can let you send messages. In this case, delete unnecessary messages from your device.

Delivery time

Check that on your phone in the settings SMS was installed the maximum period of message delivery. If the delivery period is set, for example, for 1 hour and the recipient within the hour after you send the message is out of range or disconnected, your message is accepted they will not.

The faulty SIM card

If none of the recommendations have not solved the problem of sending messages, maybe it's the fault of the SIM card. For replacement please contact the salon of your operator where you will be given a copy.
The replacement SIM card is issued a duplicate. Number, balance and tariff plan and activated services remain unchanged. All stored on the original SIM card contacts and messages, it is recommended to transfer to the phone memory.
Replacement SIM card is made only in the presence of her owner and with a passport.