If SMS is not sent, you need to check the account. With a low or negative balance message send is impossible.

If we take as examples three of the most popular Russian cellular operators (the so-called "big three operators"), to obtain information about the status of the account, you need to dial:
*102# - if your mobile operator Beeline;
*100# - if you have MTS or the Megaphone.

Top-up balance in any way, if he's the problem.

If your balance is normal, check whether there is any connection. Perhaps you are out of phone range, or somewhere nearby devices "jamming" signal (usually it happens in office buildings, during public events). Try to approach a window if you are indoors.

You can also check whether the sim card is installed. The fact that the address of the SMS sending options "sewn" into it. When you replace the sim card in the phone to the card of another operator, changing all the settings. This normally happens invisibly to the user.

Remove and re-insert the sim card into place only when the phone is switched off!

If messages are not poisoned, call the operator:
- Beeline – 0611 (or 8-800-700-80-00 with the usual city phone, and the call is free);
- for MTS – 0890 (8-800-333-08-90);
- MegaFon – 0500 (or 8-800-333-05-00).

Tell the consultant about your problem. Most likely, he will find a solution. Perhaps the operator will send you the settings that need to be activated.

If there is only a temporary problem, the operator will also tell you about it.

In any case, you can use the online SMS sending. To do this, go to the websites of operators and send the message from the Internet:
http://beeline.ru – Beeline;
http://mts.ru – for MTS;
http://megafon.ru – MegaFon ;
http://tele2.ru for Tele2.