Not enough at all

Despite the fact that the minimum pension has reached a living wage, to live on it very hard and almost impossible, because only on payment of utilities leaves about half of the pension, and the tax has not going to cancel. But with regard to utilities, their payments can be reduced by obtaining the subsidy. And how about the constantly rising prices? In this case, you should know about the possible public benefits for seniors. However, when a large and varied number of benefits the law of large special discounts usual pensioner will receive from the state. To take advantage of benefits only in exacting order. And consider the fact that the size required for the population benefits mostly exceed the allocated amount in the budget of the state for their repayment.
That is why often there are situations in which people are legally eligible for benefits, years can't get them.

Types of benefits

Benefits for seniors on property taxes. In this article of the law stated that pensioners do not pay taxes laid on the premises, constructions, structure. Under this paragraph, a pensioner who owns their own residential or non-residential premises (apartment, cottage, garage, house), do not pay property tax, regardless of the number of the available facilities.
To receive this benefit must apply at the location of the premises in the Department of the tax service with the statement for benefit of estate.

Exemptions on land tax for pensioners. Land tax is a local tax, since the tax code the number of persons granted the privileges of ordinary people. However, there is a permission code to grant tax exemptions to some segments of the population. Therefore, to obtain the privileges for payment of the tax on the land plot of pensioner should contact the local authorities at the location of the site.

Reduce expenses for utilities and housing. Housing subsidy is provided to citizens with accounts for payment of utility services, more than 22% of their total family income. The main condition for subsidies is the absence of debts on housing and communal services. To apply for the subsidies necessary to the Department of social protection at the place of residence.

Benefits from local and regional authorities. Such benefits include the benefits of transport tax for public transport. It is also possible surcharges for medicines and food.