Advice 1: What is a sketchbook

About doing sketchbook today you can hear from so many creative people and students in the disciplines of drawing, sketchbook accept as a portfolio. What is this sketchbook and who without it can not do?
What is a sketchbook

Sketchbook or an album for sketches

Sketchbook is literally translated as a kind of sketchbook (sketch is a sketch). In the past, in Russia it was called, but a shorter English word quickly caught on.

Almost everyone who is fond of drawing, painting, sculpture, or who is somehow associated with creativity, has sketchbook. Notebooks for sketching ideas need artists, architects, designers and advertisers.

For creative people, even if their work is related to something else, sketchbooks often plays the role of a diary: you can sketch experiences, interesting finds, and just keep it for fun. A very popular direction is to conduct a travel-book or diary of the journey, in which you can draw impressions to paste photos, tickets and generally do whatever comes to mind.

Professionals, and all three sketchbooks are indispensable. Artists usually have several sketchbooks for different purposes.

Usually sketchbook is a notebook of small size, which is convenient to always have with you. He is like a notebook, only for drawing. There are large sketchbook needed, when artists deliberately plan projects of considerable size, for example, it is difficult to make a detailed sketch for the painting of a half to two meters in pocket Notepad.

Regular maintenance sketchbook – useful exercise, but if creativity is your profession, it is even necessary. Sketches help to get hand in drawing and improve their skills in composition, besides, you'll preserve your ideas and impressions. Even if the first sketches ashamed to show someone, that is no reason for worries. It all starts somewhere.

What sketchbook should I choose?

Someone buys the branded sketchbook with good paper and a nice sturdy design, and someone uses children's drawing books: only you can decide what to prefer.

However, in order to buy exactly what you need is, first of all, focus on a few points:

1. Paper. It varies in color, brightness, density, texture, suitability for specific materials and according to your emotional perception (this is also very important!).

2. Size sketchbook. You are going to carry it with you in your bag or store on the shelf? To paint plein air with a sketchbook or anywhere?

3. Format. Square, rectangular, elongated: which one you like best and what suits your task?

4. Type of binding: it may be spring, soft or as a book cover, sewn pages, East bond... the imagination of the creators is infinite, so there are plenty to choose from.

5. The presence of the tablet. The tablet is a rigid sheet of cardboard which acts as a cover on the back of sketchbook. He needs to be able to comfortably draw, even if the table does not appear.

Advice 2: What is soda

Soda is a substance that is familiar to many. It is in almost every home. But not everyone knows what it is and how to use it. And even more rarely think that soda is the real chemical.
What is soda
Under the familiar name of "baking soda" is hiding of the sodium bicarbonate is NaHCO3 and the acidic salt of carbonic acid. Is a soda usually bnly crystalline powder, which is for the most part intended for cooking, but can also be used in other areas of the household.

History of soda

History of baking soda begins with the end of the 18th century, when this powder was invented by the French chemist LeBlanc. And the first discovery of this was a secret, and documents the research inaccessible to ordinary people. Given the fact that today soda, which is quite inexpensive, is everywhere, it's hard to believe.
The massive availability of soda began only after it was invented the new way of receiving it. At this time, it was designed only for use in confectionery.

Today soda is used not only in cooking but also in the household, and medicine. With her help clean the dishes, wash working surfaces, get rid of grease and dirt on sinks, etc. in addition, soda is widely used for the treatment of various diseases. Especially popular for these purposes, the soda drink.

Features of soda

Its characteristics are soda has a number of distinctive features. So, for example, soda is not toxic, fire and explosion proof. It has a salty taste, sometimes referred to as soap. If soda powder gets on mucous membranes, it causes irritation. Therefore, it is not recommended to work permanently in the atmosphere contaminated with dust sodium bicarbonate.

Soda water is obtained by the interaction of soda powder and plain clean water.

How to use soda

Cooking soda is usually used together with vinegar. Slightly dampen them to appeared on the surface of the bubbles and then added to the dough. This method helps to make the dough more doughy and airy.

The use of soda in medicine is a lot of variability. Because it can be used both topically and taken orally. For example, the baking soda dissolved in warm milk, is an ideal remedy for cough. Because soda is great liquefies phlegm.
It is worth considering that physicians not always support the optimism of the inhabitants on the use of baking soda. Not recommend the use of soda done only after consultation with your doctor.

You can also use baking soda as a remedy for gargling. Widely used sodas and to treat the common cold. Same with abundant secretions recommended to conduct flushing of the sinuses with soda.

Treat soda the eye when there is inflammation, arrhythmia, hypertension and a whole list of diseases, which can enter and serious enough problem.

Household soda is used instead of scouring powder. Moreover, according to observations and research, the soda helps to cope with household dirt much better than the usual advertised funds.
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