Advice 1: As at Classmates to remove age

Beautiful woman "every year, turning eighteen". But looking at her profile in the "Classmates", you can find out how old she really is. If desired, this information can be hidden.
As at Classmates to remove age
Don't try to hide your age in the "Classmates", making the profile available only for friends. The rest will not available almost all information about you, even the portrait will appear reduced without possibility of increasing. But age will still see everything.
In the mobile version of "Odnoklassniki" to change privacy settings not in the settings menu there is no corresponding item. If you have this social network is blocked, and a home or mobile Internet although unlimited, but too slow to use full version, or you use a mobile device with low computational power, install while "unreal" year of birth so as to display age were either too large (110 years or more) or too small (two to three years). Date of birth do not change, you still can congratulate him happy birthday. To change the year of birth through the menu as follows: "Other sections" - "Settings" - "Personal data". Adjust the year of birth and then click "Save".
If you have high-speed unlimited Internet access from your computer (or mobile device, the computing power which is sufficient to display the full version of "Classmates") in settings it is possible to completely disable the display of age. While in the full version of the web interface, click the "More" menu, and there will be additional items. Select "Change settings" and then "Preferences publicity". Now find the line "Age", and in it, select one of the three desired options: "all", "Only friends" or "Only me." Click "Save".
If you wish to make your age could see everyone, you can always change it back. If you changed the birth year on the "unreal", change it back to the present. If you did age visible only to friends or yourself, make it visible again "all". Save the settings. Remember to sign out of social networks when not using.

Advice 2: How to remove ads in the "Classmates"

Advertising in social networks, in particular, on <url>.<url>, aimed at potential customers, i.e. users of this social network. And since the owners of this social network have a good income from advertising on the sites. Ads and banners was a lot on the website, and sometimes these ads are very annoying.
How to remove ads in the "Classmates"

Remove ads from Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser, Browser Nichrome

Advertising from the site is removed using a setting program Adblok Plus. Before you begin to install the program, you can determine what browser are you using to access the Internet. Here are the main browsers that most users use on the network: Google Chrome, Browser Nichrome (Rambler), Yandex.Browser, Opera, Mozilla Firefox.

Now, having defined the browser, open it and go to the site On the first page you will see information about the program, listing its benefits. Installing this extension is completely free. Below the text is proposed to install the program click install pre-configured with a browser, from which you have come. After clicking, a dialog will appear stating that you must give permission to access your data on websites and access tabs and browsing activity. Click the "Add" button. After this action the right of the address bar icon appears Adblok Plus and pop up a message saying that to complete the installation of the program please click on the icon.

Remove ads from the browsers Opera and Mozilla Firefox

To install the program Adblok Plus to your Opera browser and Mozilla Firefox also need to go to the website and click install the program to your site. For Opera browser a window will appear with the question "Install extension" to which you respond positively. After clicking "Install" for Mozilla Firefox in this browser window appears with the message that Firefox has blocked the installation of software from this site. The "Allow" button located under the message. Then settle "Install now". And extension Adblok Plus is applied to your browser.

This program not only blocks ads on <url>.<url>, she is also able to block malicious domains, and automatically close the social media buttons that appear on web pages and track user behavior. Adblok Plus can also be installed on Android as a standalone application, and then you will not be bothered by the phone.

There are a number of commercial programs that operate on the same principles that Adblok Plus. At affordable cost of the license, you will be able to receive a wide range of services offered by new developments.

Advice 3: How to remove scoliosis

Scoliosis is a disease which is expressed in the curvature of the spine. It leads not only to cosmetic defects, but also to the dysfunction of the thorax. Therefore, scoliosis should be removed – at the initial stages. Otherwise, we may have to resort to surgery. To deal with this disease alone is not worth it, contact a qualified specialist, he will prescribe the necessary treatment.
How to remove scoliosis
Start conservative treatment of scoliosis under the supervision of a specialist. Observe the prescribed motor mode, eat on the assigned diet, take prescribed restorative procedures. Doctor may recommend wearing a special corset and sleep on medical beds, exercise, massages, physiotherapy, swimming lessons.
Reduce static and dynamic load on the spine. Do not sit long at the table, more walk in the fresh air, move. If scoliosis a sick child, properly organize the place where he does lessons. The height of the table and chair should match the growth of the baby, a table lamp should be bright. Pick a semi-hard mattress on the bed and low pillow, better orthopedic.
The most important weapon in the fight against scoliosis exercise therapy. Doctor must prescribe these classes individually or in group. Duration of one session – 35-45mins, it will be necessary to do 4 a month, and then repeat the course. Do not limit yourself to the exercises during the lessons with the coach. Repeat them at home. First and foremost strengthen your back muscles, waist, abdomen. Don't forget about pulling the spine exercises and breathing exercises.
If conservative treatment of scoliosis do not give the expected effect, as the disease progresses, you will have to resort to surgery. During the operation, the surgeon will stabilize the spine and reduce the curvature, removing the deformation. But for surgical treatment suits better in adulthood when puberty has passed, and the skeleton is finally formed. Otherwise there is a risk that the scoliosis will continue to progress after surgery.
If the result of conservative treatment or surgery been a positive effect, need to consolidate, forming the correct posture.

Advice 4: How to remove a widow's hump

Widow's hump, in common parlance referred to as deposition of body fat in the upper back. The disease is more prone to women over the age of 45 years. The reason for this is hormonal changes in postmenopausal. Widow's hump is in its advanced stage is virtually untreatable, but the first signs of the disease not only possible, but necessary to fight.
How to remove a widow's hump
One of the reasons for the appearance of the widow's hump osteoporosis is a disease in which reduced bone strength. And despite the fact that this affects the entire skeleton, the disease manifests itself outwardly deformation of the thoracic and cervical spine. If you put this diagnosis, eat foods rich in calcium. Get more sun, by which the body produces vitamin D3. If necessary, take calcium-containing pharmaceutical preparations enriched with kolecalziferola (vitamin D). This will prevent the development of disease, and in combination with other measures will help to cure it.
Go physiotherapy. A pronounced effect of pulse currents and ultrasound therapy. It is desirable not to be limited to 10-15 procedures. To prevent the disease from progressing, you need to take at least 2-4 courses of physical therapy annually.
Neck massage is very effective in fighting widow's hump. Experienced specialists are able to remedy the defect in just a few sessions. Of course, this is only possible at an early stage of the disease. In advanced cases will have to pass a few massage courses for 10-15 procedures.
Follow the food. As the widows hump is composed of fat, sudden weight gain immediately leads to the progression of the disease. Eliminate from the diet fatty foods, baking, sugar. Keep counting calories.
Keep an active lifestyle. Lack of exercise contributes to the rapid growth of the widow's hump. Two or three times a day perform exercises to strengthen the spine. Lying on your back, take a deep breath and as hard as you can press the back to the floor. On the exhale, relax. Repeat 5-7 times. For older people this exercise may seem complicated, you should regularly do some simple exercises. Sitting, put hands on shoulders. Alternately allot elbows back and return them to the starting position.
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