Pilosis of pubis

The growth of hair in lower abdomen male hormones called androgens, which are controlled by the female sex hormones estrogen limiting excessive distribution of hair. Pilosis of the pubis is the signal function, showing the degree of sexual maturation of the person and his willingness to have sexual intercourse. So, some people guys or girls could copulate with partners since 7-8 years, as they have already started to grow pubic hair.

The first pubic hairs begin to grow in girls in puberty age of 11-12, but sometimes vegetation occurs earlier.

According to Darwin's theory, the ancestors of humans are monkeys, females whose sexual organs are clearly visible, and when excited strongly swell to attract the male for mating. Women nature all arranged differently – their genitals covered with vegetation in the form of a triangle of pubic hair that attracts men's attention and excites them. Men, in turn, pubic hair emit pheromones, which also serve as a stimulant and can cause a hormonal response in women, even at a great distance.

Other properties of the low-growing pubic hair

Besides attracting the attention of the partner and the release of pheromones hair in the lower part of the abdomen perform a crucial role in regulating the temperature in the groin area. Thanks to the pubic vegetation, between the body and underwear creates a layer of air that protects the genitals from changes in temperature and increase the rate of evaporation of sweat during sexual intercourse.

In the crotch there is a large number of small lymph nodes that pubic hair perfectly protect from hypothermia.

The hair on the lower abdomen is especially important for women because it helps to maintain normal levels of the vaginal flora. He also contributes to the normal functioning of the female reproductive organs, performing a protective function. In today's world, the vegetation on the pubes and genital organs, it is customary to remove, however in some cases it leads to health problems, since nature never creates anything for nothing. Full removal of hair from intimate areas is not desirable, therefore, some gynecologists recommend beautiful and aesthetically trimmed.