Bad luck

Making a gift to a loved and dear person, you invest in it part of himself. The gift selection is a pleasant ritual when you try to make a nice person. In addition to the things you presented a gift and my positive energy, good feelings.

Peredereeva someone a gift, you show disrespect to the person and demonstrate disregard. It turns out that subconsciously you are destroying him with the power connection. It is possible that in the future you may even want to quarrel with him and completely cut ties.

May arise an unpleasant situation

In addition to the negative energy, which entail peredelanye things, you can simply get in trouble when close people may even take offense at you. For example, someone just casually asks to see you, but you have already managed to anyone. Or the giver will suddenly see a third person the gift which he gave you once my heart.

In many countries of the West have long give gifts with a check, to, useless, in your opinion, the thing is, you can always return to the store and get money for it. This tradition seems to be very logical and does not put anyone in a bad situation. Like a gift left himself don't got the money for it.In the end, people have different tastes. Some people really like the clock with deer head, and someone thinks this thing is a clear sign of lack of taste.

In what situations to give gifts

Things that are passed within the family from generation to generation, carry the energy of their ancestors. They are, however, able to protect against misfortune and to bring good luck, therefore, these gifts are not only absolutely safe, but also very useful.

Another example is the gifts that you give. For example, in the wedding you gave two cleaner, which you, of course, is not useful, and your brother's cleaner there. You can feel free to give him the thing that you don't need. It will be something like good deeds, charity. Of course, this gift does not need to coincide with any holiday or celebration.