Brand smartphone

Strange as it may sound, the choice of the brand is gradually disappearing into the background. Firstly, due to the fact that the same companies produce products under different brands, consequently, component suppliers vary a little. Second, in order to get to the inner electronics markets as many countries, smartphones are required to be certified at various levels in quality, the level of electromagnetic radiation, etc. So the concepts of good and bad brand now!!
Previously, most high-quality smartphones are produced under the Nokia brand, but because of improper management the company lost its leadership position, replaced by such giants as Apple, HTC and Samsung.

The choice of operating system

To date, the lion's share of the market occupied by smartphones with the Android operating system. This is due to the ease of use, huge potential to improve and cheap for manufacturers. In addition to this OS, the smartphones are iOS (Apple smartphones), Windows Phone (HTC and Nokia brands). So the user is free to choose for themselves the most comfortable and functional smartphone.


Today it has become commonplace presence in the smartphone camera, broadband access to the Internet, touch screen with high resolution, etc. Efficient operation of these devices is provided by the fresh versions of the OS, the presence of a large amount of RAM and processor frequency. You can draw an analogy with an ordinary personal computer - the more powerful the hardware, the easier it. As a result, consumers will be able to choose a smartphone for yourself with that set of embedded devices and their quality, which is comfortable to work with him.
A significant component of the price of a smartphone is the camera. The more clear pictures and videos she makes, the higher the price of the device. Therefore, if the buyer is not a photographer, he can pick up a budget smartphone.

To be in touch always

In many smartphones, there is a predefined set of programs to significantly expand its functionality - access to the Internet, watching videos, editing text files, reading books, navigation, etc. the wider this set, the easier and more pleasant to operate this smartphone. But at the same time, some software costs money, that has an impact on the cost of the smartphone. The largest number of inset programs for smartphones HTC and Lenovo.


Many smartphones, in order to be more attractive to buyers, provided with metal parts. It is not only the design solution but also a way to significantly improve the design of the device. He will be able to withstand aggressive operating conditions and to solve the task user more securely and confidently.