In any salon of mobile communication, even in the most modest, for sale a huge lot of various models of cell phones from various manufacturers. Them is that before visitors to the salon to buy your most suitable gadget raises the problem of choosing the best. But which phones can rightly be called the best is a complex question.

Cell phone — view to the first approximation

Before deciding which phone can be called the best, it makes sense to talk about phones in General, their functions and importance in everyday life. Mobile phone is the most convenient means of communication, designed for individual use. Only appeared on the domestic market, the mobile phone was seen only as a kind of technical and technological novelty, and seriously did not belong to him. Besides the price of the device and the cost of services has not been helped by the rising popularity of technology.

However, with the development of mobile communication mobile phones have found a new, additional functions, and therefore became increasingly popular, has not yet taken a worthy place in the market. Now this small gadget has become so important for people without it are unlikely to be able to do the modern man at least one day. Especially notable is the role of these gadgets was with smartphones — phones that and phone numbers to call anymore, so complex and perfect machines they are.

Leading manufacturers to attract consumers ' attention and to occupy the leading position in the market, create all the new gadgets, more advanced, performing many functions, sometimes even the most unexpected. And most of these functions, incidentally, no relation to the actual mobile communication has not. They are called optional, but many users buy expensive machines it is because of them. Otherwise, expensive smartphones in the sales would not exist.

What the smartphone can do

Smartphone even from the category of budget, presents the user with many extra features. Regularly taking and sending short messages and giving its owner a complete lack of reference to the office or home (in the sense of the connection), smartphone at the same time can be used as a Navigator and a detailed reference to all the cities of the country, can be a great multimedia player, a tool for reading books in electronic form, this device also provides the owner the opportunity to receive and send email messages, chat on social networks, to create and edit office documents with subsequent joint remote work with them and a full sync on all devices, and much more.

Expensive devices have many other functions. It is the possibility of voice control gadget for unlocking fingerprint or face, gestures... Everything is very convenient and fun, but a large number of users seem to be completely useless. Although many of these features attract.

To answer the question of what can be called the best, it should be understood that a single universal solution here. To call best a particular model is impossible, if only because each user has their own preferences, their own understanding, which phone is better. For concato, not at all.

However, it is possible to deduce that the number of sales of a particular model. The most sold in the world in 2014 Samsung smartphones, and on the second place by sales volume was released gadgets from Apple.