Smart phones are the same phones, but with the operating system. We can say that they combine in themselves both. They can be useful enough to a wide range of users: from simple schoolboy through to business people, leading their own business. Because of different social status, everyone has their own personal preferences regarding the characteristics of the smartphone model. But all agree on one thing: regardless of the price and additional features it needs to be reliable and durable.

Any preference?

Chinese products have flooded the domestic market. There is a perception that such a product cannot be considered as reliable and hope for its longevity. However, there are a number of features that are worth considering. The first is that in China there is a well and there are many plants that specializiruetsya on the production of smartphones. The second is that the number of Chinese brands enjoys good reputation all over the world. And last - although marriage is usually attributed to Chinese manufacturers, in fact, in their solid models it is quite rare.

Of course, it is not necessary to forget and about other manufacturers . Considered to be very reliable manufacturers from South Korea, Taiwan and the UK.
The leader in sales is Samsung, followed by followed by Apple and LG.

How to choose a good

Hard to find a perfect smartphone, all features which would be at the highest level. If such would still be able to find, most likely, and the price is appropriate, certainly above average.
The last time Lenovo different and good characteristics, and affordable prices. Many give preference to their smartphones.

However, you can always available from relatively inexpensive models to choose the one that will be reliable and durable.

If you by nature are not very accurate and cannot vouch for the careful attitude to a smartphone, choose a model with secure housing. It is best to back model or was metal or at least not smooth and ribbed. These smartphones will last longer.

There are a number of models, which was developed specially for talkative people and those who like to travel. They differ in that they are able to go without recharging for weeks, sometimes more.

For business people who need to be connected and to have two active numbers, have developed a smartphone that supports two SIM-cards. They also come with a Rolodex, a notebook with a large volume and some other useful programs, which will be indispensable in work.