A choice of price categories

Before buying the camera decide the budget for a smartphone. If you want to buy a device that costs less than 5 thousand rubles, pay attention to the models running Android. For this price you get a single-core or dual-core processor, clock frequency which will not exceed 1.2 GHz. This unit will work with the 3G technology, to have a camera (5 MP). You will also be able to run various games and edit office documents of small size.

To get better performance from devices in the middle price segment to 10 thousand rubles. For this price, you can buy a phone running Android or Windows Phone with improved performance and more features. The device will have dual-core processor, large RAM (up to 2GB), support for additional functions (for example, a camera on the front side), the opportunity to work with a large number of applications. These devices also better for Internet browsing and videos, since they have the improved screen and performance features.
The higher the screen resolution of the device, the better the quality of the display. However, devices with higher resolution should have a more powerful hardware stuffing.

In the third pricing tier includes apparatus, which cost above 10 thousand rubles. Here you will be able to find phones running Android, Windows Phone 8 and iOS that has the best performance and functionality.

The parameters of the future device

Decide on the standards you place for your. If you want to buy a smartphone with a good camera, you should pay attention to the higher price segment, which provides devices with improved cameras at 8 megapixels.

If a key requirement is improved support for music playback, you can search for devices from HTC, Sony, Nokia and Samsung in all price segments. Note the presence of amplified audio output at the device (e.g., technology HTC Beats and Xpress Music) and extra buttons to switch music on the body.
If you want to store on your phone a large amount of music, images and videos, examine the vehicles, which have not only extended memory (16 GB), but the zoom via USB stick.

To run new games note smartphones are preloaded with Android operating system, which has a large number of downloadable apps. Windows Phone is also suitable for entertainment devices support Xbox Live, which currently develops and allows not only to launch a unique game, but also to communicate with friends and save progress passing. IOS devices have a stylish design and a comfortable, functional interface that ensures fast and stable operation of the apparatus with any number of running programs.