Pay attention to your diet. To ensure that the body receives all the essential for the growthand hair of the nutrients and vitamins, the diet should be balanced and varied. You can use special vitamin complexes designed to stimulate growthand hair that are sold in pharmacies.
Reassess your way of life. Alcohol and Smoking cause hair irreparable harm, slowing their growth. Sports, active lifestyle, improve metabolism and enhance MSEgrowthü growthand hair.
For hair, you should regularly and properly care. If they are constantly hounded with hydrogen peroxide, dried with a hot dryer, spoil permed, power they lack, therefore the ends of pthe growthof break off. So it seems that the hair stop growing. Eliminate these stressors for your hair to stimulate their growth.
Good stimulator are natural folk remedies that contain ingredients, irritatingly acting on the hair follicles and increases blood flow and nutrients to the hair roots. Such action may be mustard, ginger, tincture of red pepper. Their stimulating effect is used in the formulation of various hair masks. Apply these masks regularly on your scalp, keep it for 20-60 minutes, rinse with warm water.
The most effective is tincture of red hot pepper that can be done, insisting a few chopped pods in vodka for 2-3 weeks in a dark place. For mask, mix a tablespoon of tincture, vegetable oil and balm conditioner. Take into account such factors as the sensitivity of your skin to not burn it and not to overdry the hair, so the mask can also add a tablespoon of fat yogurt.
Traditionally for strengthening and growthof hair and use white henna. To enhance its effect, add to the henna a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, pour all the boiling water, cool and still warm mass apply on hair.