Signs of low sugar

Average blood sugar levels ranged from 4.5 to 6.3 mmol/l, given that the analysis is taken on an empty stomach. After eating the indicators change significantly. If the indicator falls below the level of 3.0 mmol/l, it should promote best practices.

Wellbeing with reduced glucose is characterized by fatigue, poor coordination of movements. After drinking sweet tea as normal, as contained in food carbohydrates raise blood sugar. For a certain period of time, the symptoms are, increased performance.
This is because carbohydrates are consumed rather quickly.

Low blood sugar is accompanied by fainting because of the spike in glucose levels.
For the human body threat as high and low blood sugar.

Disturbed visual function, headaches, quickens the quantity of heart contractions and heart rate, disturbed sleep, there is irritability and anger. In severe cases, hypoglycemic coma occurs, which leads to disruption of brain activity and death.

Main reasons for the decrease of sugar level

Among the main causes of hypoglycemia are:
- prolonged lack of food or insufficient quantity;
- unbalanced meals;
- taking certain medications;
- excessive use of alcoholic beverages;
diseases and disorders in the liver;
- high physical load;
- hormonal disturbances in the body.

In the presence of diabetes mellitus lowering glucose level occurs due to excessive amount of insulin in the blood. Also cause decrease in sugar can skipping meals or fatigue of the body. You should regularly eat in the morning, afternoon and evening, alternate work and rest.

Treatment of hypoglycemia

A slight reduction of sugar does not require any special treatment. Enough to eat with the carbs and glucose. The easiest way to recover is to eat 1-2 tsp sugar. You can also drink sweet tea, diluted in water, honey, grape juice, berry juice, to get rid of the effects of the fall of sugar.

In more severe cases, a doctor's consultation. Upon the occurrence of coma is an immediate hospitalization of the patient normalization of blood drugs.