To judge the impact of pathogenic Escherichia coli by the following symptoms:
- disorder chair;
- nausea and vomiting;
- swelling and pain in the abdomen;
- bad breath;
- lack of appetite;
- weakness and fatigue etc.

Before proceeding to the treatment of Escherichia coli, it is recommended to make crop content in the gut. This analysis will allow to obtain full information about the E. coli strain. As a rule, treatment of pathogenic bacteria is receiving the right doctor antibiotics (usually drugs are the aminoglycoside). In folk medicine, there are many time-tested effective tools to cope with Escherichia coli in the home.
Escherichia coli strains can cause diseases of the digestive and urogenital systems, provoke cystitis, meningitis, prostatitis, pneumonia, etc.

How to treat E. coli with bloodroot

Goose cinquefoil is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Prepare a decoction used to combat pathogenic bacteria. The recipe for this medicinal drug is:
- 1 tbsp of Potentilla;
- 250 ml of water.
Grass pour boiling water, bring the mixture to a boil, after which slowed down the heat to low, cook for 13-15 minutes. Then the broth insist 10-12 hours, filter. Drink this decoction three times a day for a third Cup.
Usually the infection of pathogenic strains of Escherichia coli occurs by the oral.

Features of treatment of E. coli with Jerusalem artichoke

To normalize the microflora and to reduce the pathogenic effect of E. coli, using a medicament prepared from the following components:
- 280-300 g peeled Jerusalem artichoke;
- 250 ml of milk;
- 250 ml of water;
-2-3 tbsp. butter;
- 1 tbsp wheat flour.
Earthen pear cut into small cubes, then toss it into the boiling milk, diluted with boiled water, and cook. When Jerusalem artichokes are tender, the broth is poured. In a bowl of broth add butter and flour, then cook the mixture over low heat, stirring constantly (you should get a thick mass, resembling the consistency of toothpaste). Then the sauce is poured boiled artichoke. This dish should be eaten daily for 7-10 days in a row: it has a beneficial effect on the digestive system.

Herbal tincture for the treatment of Escherichia coli in the home

To prepare herbal infusion take the following ingredients:
- 1 part St. John's wort;
- 2 parts peppermint;
- 1 piece of burdock;
- 2 parts plantain;
- 2 parts of chamomile;
- 0,5 l of water.
Chopped herbs thoroughly mixed, after which 1 tbsp. l. collection pour boiling water. The mixture insist in a thermos for 37-40 minutes, and then filtered. Drink this infusion is recommended three times a day with 150 ml. This herbal tea does not only destroy pathogenic bacteria, but also will calm the pain, and normalizes stool.