However, keep in mind that the result of the weakening of the immune system E. coli can begin to multiply at a rapid rate to become the causative agent of the vast number of diseases, especially in women, due to the peculiarities of the reproductive system. The penetration of Escherichia coli into the urethra or vagina may occur with acute cystitis, urethritis or vulvovaginitis.
Remember that food infection caused by Escherichia coli, the most common. In the soil, plant leaves, dirty water it is in excess. Therefore, be sure to observe measures of prevention, wash your hands before every meal, do not take not washed greens, fruits and vegetables, drink only boiled water.
If your body is found in pathogenic E. coli, take antibiotics. For Escherichia coli is characterized by a rapid interaction with other pathogens that can cause severe disease requiring prolonged and complex treatment. In children, E. coli can be detected even in the lungs. In some cases, uncontrolled dissemination throughout the body.
However, remember that antibiotics alone can not. Uncontrolled intake can lead to disturbance of intestinal microflora, i.e. the bacteria overgrowth that is the cause of even more weakening of the immune system. To avoid trouble, be sure to do the tests, to conduct a crop sensitivity to all types of antibiotics, since many bacteria are resistant to them.
In addition, you can assign bacteriophages. But they, like antibiotics, kill not only pathogenic E. coli, and representatives of the beneficial microflora. That this did not happen, take probiotics. They allow you to quickly and effectively restore the number of beneficial microorganisms, preventing the development of dysbiosis.
As a traditional medicines use of Shilajit. Take half gram in the morning, afternoon and evening before eating for 3 weeks. Then do a 5-day break and then repeat the treatment if the need arises.