Advice 1: How to wash out the stomach at home

Gastric lavage is not the most pleasant procedure. In the hospital this procedure is performed using special devices – the probe and funnel. But to make gastric lavage is possible and in house conditions.
How to wash out the stomach at home

Indications for gastric lavage at home

Shown gastric lavage in food, chemical and medicinal poisoning. Also, this procedure helps in acute and chronic pancreatitis, perforation of the esophageal wall, abundant mucus production in gastritis. In addition, gastric lavage is shown to people with a diagnosis of preinfarction state, epilepsy and stroke. Perhaps more diagnostic lavage of the stomach with subsequent study of wash water.

The technique of gastric lavage

For gastric lavage is recommended for one approach to drink as much boiled water at room temperature (this should be approximately 5-6 cups). Then with two fingers press down on the tongue, artificially inducing vomiting. This procedure is recommended to be done as long as the vomit is clean. After that, rinse the mouth with clean water and drink some warm sweet tea.

To wash out the stomach, use a solution of potassium permanganate. To do this, take a little powder and dissolve in boiled water at room temperature (to get a solution of pale pink color). Then pass the solution through a paper filter or layered cheesecloth. This procedure is very important since undissolved crystals of potassium permanganate can cause burns of the mucous membrane of the stomach and esophagus.
If you have acute indigestion, potassium permanganate solution for washing stomach should be avoided.

Also take 2 tbsp of salt and dissolve in 5 l of water. Prepared according to this recipe, the solution prevents the penetration of poisons from the stomach into the intestine. Solution take in and artificially induce vomiting.

First aid if poisoning acid – 2% soda solution. But in cases of poisoning by lye, you should immediately wash out the stomach and drink products-absorbents.
The solution temperature should be 35-37 o C - this will slow down the process of absorption by the body of toxins and poisons.

How to wash out the stomach of the child

The wash procedure should start when the child is poisoned in a sitting position. The child's chest cover with plastic and a towel, and then give the baby to drink cooked warm solution. Then the baby is placed across the bed (his head should be down to hang down) and put at the bottom of the basin to vomit. Put in the mouth of a child's finger and cause vomiting.

To wash out the stomach of the baby, prepare a pale pink solution of potassium permanganate or a solution of cooking salt (7-10 l of water take 3 tbsp. of salt). Baby 6-9 months should water 700-800 ml of the solution from 9 to 12 months – 900-1000 ml, and after a year for every passing year adds an additional 1 l of solution (but not more than 10 liters).

Advice 2 : How to do gastric lavage

Poisoning people's food is often enough. And, knowing full well that in this situation, you should do you, maybe even save the life of yourself or another person. Of course, you first need to call the ambulance. If intoxicated will be taken to the hospital, he washed the stomach professional. But doctors close to are not always.
How to do gastric lavage
Feeling the first signs of poisoning, it is necessary to bend and make two fingers deep into her mouth, pressing the tongue root. The gag reflex will help to empty the stomach of harmful substances, and poisoning effects will not be so severe.
The next step your actions should be lavage of the stomach. But note that it can't be made if the person who was poisoned, there is gastric bleeding, any sores, inflammation or burns of the mouth, as well as cardiovascular disease.
Cook in boiled water bicarbonate of soda per litre of water should take a tablespoon of baking soda. Soda mix thoroughly and wait until the solution will not leave bubbles of carbon dioxide. Such liquid shall not be less than three or four litres, because the procedure of filling of the stomach you will have to perform several times.
Seat the man and get him to drink from as much liquid as possible. Adults at a time can drink up to one and a half liters. Persuade him to drink even more. The stomach should be well filled with water that its walls stretched, and the soda solution could penetrate into all of his folds.
After this the patient must press one hand on the stomach, and two fingers of the other hand to try to thrust deeper into his mouth, to the root of the tongue. If he can't, simulate a gag reflex that pull up on the language or hit him.
Try to force a person to repeat the wash procedure as long as vomiting does not appear clean water. If time has passed and you think that some harmful substances have already managed to get into the stomach, and get another enema.
After lavage of the stomach the patient should lie down for about 10 minutes with warm (not hot!) a heating pad on my stomach. Warmer does not have to be difficult, and to make it through the gasket.
To "bind" the remaining in the body poison, it is recommended that after washing of the stomach to drink activated charcoal and a laxative. But if the poisoning has occurred from using some kind of cauterizing fluid, laxatives are contraindicated.
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