Causes and signs of intestinal Bacillus

Bacteriological research separated of a vagina for microflora analysis, assessing the composition of the microorganisms of the vagina, and their relationship. It identifies pathogenic bacteria and necessary for the diagnosis of gynecological diseases.

Vaginal microflora of healthy women consists of a 95% lactobacilli. Normal E. coli in the smear should not be available or determined in the minimum amount. Multiplying in the vagina, E. coli disrupts the normal balance of the microflora and leads to the development of inflammation. E. coli is often the cause of bacterial vaginosis, colpitis, cervicitis, adnexitis, endometritis. Infection can further spread to the cervix, the ovaries, to penetrate into the urethra and cause cystitis, hitting not only the bladder but also the kidneys.

Penetration of Escherichia coli into the vagina happens 2 main routes, oral-fecal or genital in contact via the anus. Modern medicine known cases of penetration of Escherichia coli through the blood. In children, the bacteria exhibit even in the lungs. When infected the whole body may begin sepsis.

Among the main causes of intestinal Bacillus are the following: - observance of rules of personal hygiene, the wearing of synthetic, uncomfortable clothes, the wrong procedure of cleaning, anal-vaginal sexual acts.

How to get rid of E. coli

When detected in a smear of Escherichia coli in a significant number should immediately start treatment. It spends in outpatient GYN. Starting antimicrobial therapy after susceptibility of the isolated pathogen to antibiotics. This procedure is critical because E. coli are resistant to some medications. The course of antibiotics is an average of 7 days.

After antibiotic therapy transferred to the restoration of normal microflora of the vagina. For this purpose, probiotics, and antifungal agents. To promote local protection of the mucous membrane of the vagina will help immunomodulators.

Prevention of infection with E. coli is in compliance with the following rules: a daily washing away in the direction from front to back to prevent bacteria from the rectum to the vagina, protection during sex, using only cotton, linen Medvedevo.