When can I get pregnant after an abortion?

Most women who decided on abortion procedure that is not yet ready to become mothers for many reasons, but they want to be sure that after surgery they will be able to get pregnant. Some, deprived of the embryo, starting to regret and want to conceive a child – it is also important to know what period of time must pass after the procedure. The answer to this question can give only a qualified doctor, as it depends on many factors. If a woman has a strong body, he quickly recovers and almost never suffers from the effects of the operation. Such girls can get pregnant almost immediately after an abortion, although gynecologists warn that it is not necessary to hurry – the more time passes, the easier it will be to postpone pregnancy.
The minimum time after abortion to the next pregnancy for women who are undergoing surgery is three months on the recommendation of doctors.

Not all women are lucky, the consequences of abortion can be serious: increased risk of infections and development of tumors, disrupted the glands of internal secretion, increases the risk of separation of the placenta during the next pregnancy, may cause secondary infertility, on the walls of the uterus scarring, which reduces the likelihood of a favorable conception and pregnancy. All this affects reproductive function – these girls can't get pregnant immediately after an abortion, and if conception happens, then the probability of a successful pregnancy is very small. You need to prepare your body, cure all diseases, strengthen the reproductive system, to improve the chances of easy to give birth to a healthy baby.

What to do to get pregnant after an abortion?

Even if abortion was not without consequences, do not despair – only 10% of women are incapable of re-pregnancy after this intervention. Gynecologists warn that the earlier abortion has been made, the harder the future is going to conceive and give birth to a child.

Preferably a few days after surgery to go to the doctor and check the status of the uterus – if there are scars or inflammation, it is necessary to treat. If, even after the abortion it has been many months or years, in any case, you need to visit a gynecologist to know all possible complications and to reduce them to a minimum.

Follow all doctor's orders: if the gynecologist says that pregnancy should wait so it is necessary for your health and that of your unborn child.

While preparations for pregnancy, do not be nervous, do not torture yourself with thoughts of possible failure, psychological stress can be an obstacle to conceive. Relax, eat well, exercise, relax and heal, in this case, the probability of conception is much higher.