The trick to know and which every rider is called Bunny Hop. It serves to overcome small obstacles and in the process of performing BMX is totally hanging in the air.
Most beginners, seeing this trick from the side and trying to repeat it, trying to simultaneously raise both wheels in the air. But they rarely what happens, because this method is incorrect.
Ride your BMX at a slow pace. Do the jerk by hands to lift the front wheel to the desired height (but not too much, not to roll over). At a time when the wheel starts to climb, shift your body weight forward to have leveled off the back.
More professional feint is considered a Wall Tap. As the name implies, this trick is performed with the wall. During his run, Ryder "outdoor orientation" reverses "the wall".
Speeding up to medium pace and calculating the right moment before the wall, remove both wheels from the ground, in the trick "Bunnyhop" (front wheel to lift up to 90 degrees, so the bike stood in an upright position). When you feel the collision with the wall, with all your strength push off in the opposite direction. But do it without the back and body, arms and BMX, to not tip over.
The trick Frontflip is one of the most spectacular and difficult in execution. It is on the ramp and for its implementation it is advisable to prepare a good equipment to avoid injury. This trick involves a 360 degree rotation in the air when jumping off the ramp.
Drive up to the edge of the ramp, using caution and slow speed. As soon as the front wheel of your bike will reach optimum height, carry the weight of the upper body over the handlebars. If you succeed, then the rear of the large inertia and small efforts will spread next. It is best to learn this trick on a special ramp with a pit filled with foam.