First prepare the necessary parts - brakes and wheels. To the front fork of the bike to install the wheel you have to release the cable from the brake frame. Next, loosen the nuts and slide the wheel into place. Now you can again consolidate all the wheel nuts back. After that, inserting the brake cable through the slot on the frame, install the brake pads.
As soon as the first step, you will need to install the stem on the future of bmx. To do this, you need to unwind the tension bolt and insert into the steering column removal. Please note that it must be parallel to the front wheel. Now tighten the nut and can install the saddle on the frame.
The saddle insert into the hole on the frame and fasten it at the desired height and then tighten the fixing bolt.
Before installing the pedals on your bike check out their markings (which one is left and which is right). It insert each of the pedals in the connecting rod and crank until it stops. By the way, the left should turn counter-clockwise and the right clockwise.
Now, it's time to install the rear wheels: it should be fixed strictly between the frame and rear fork. Check the Cam key and tighten all the necessary nuts. Installation of brake pads will not differ from that described in the first step.
After assembling the bike, check all fasteners for, try to tighten the nut as tight as you can to ensure your bike, the durability, and to you security.