To drive legally can only adult citizens who have been trained and successfully passed the exams in the traffic police. Confirmation of this fact is a driving licence – the document, which is required to check the traffic police inspector. The lack of rights during driving is a violation of public order and threatens the culprit different penalties.

Fines for persons who have lost or forgotten the rights

If the licence is accidentally left at home or at work, the driver will have to pay a minimum penalty of 500 rubles, provided that the first part of article 12.3 of the administrative code. In some cases, the traffic police have the right to detain the vehicle until clarification of all circumstances.

Theft or loss of driver's license is a special case. After the detection of the loss of the driver shall as soon as possible to report it to the registration point where it will be given a provisional license. They can be used until a permanent ID. Driving a car without the temporary license cannot be, since the driver in this case is the same offender as a person deprived of rights.

The punishment for driving without a license in the event of their absence or expiration of

Harsh penalties are threatened to those who do not have a driver's license and still gets behind the wheel of the vehicle. Such persons in the case of detention are obliged to pay a fine of 5000 – 15 000 rubles. In addition, employees of traffic police have the right to send the car to the impound lot. If driving is a man, who had previously denied a driver's license, he faces one of the following penalties:

- a fine of 30 000 roubles;
corrective work for 100 – 200 hours;
- administrative arrest up to 15 days.
Administrative arrest cannot be applied if the offenders are minors, the disabled person of group 1 or 2, a soldier, a pregnant woman or woman having children under the age of 14 years.

It is forbidden to transfer the management vehicle to another person without a license. The penalty in this case is 3000 rubles.

The licence has a limited period of validity – 10 years. If the driver did not care about his renewal, he will have to pay from 5 to 15 thousand rubles fine. In other words, a driver with an expired license will incur the same punishment as a person without a driver's license.
The owner of the expired ID may not be in a hurry with his replacement only in one case: if in the near future does not plan to operate a vehicle.

Tougher penalties in 2014 – a serious reason not to violate traffic rules and have all the necessary documents.