Replacement cradle. Timely and correct diaper change is the most important for the health of baby skin. Your choice - will you use disposable diapers and reusable. In fact, and in another embodiment has its advantages. Reusable diapers are expensive, after use, you wash, dry and dress again on the child. You must have a few Grand by the time the next diaper change the previous wash had time to dry. You can sew yourself, gauze reusable diapers. So did our moms, and now it is again coming into fashion. It looks like a triangle made of several layers of gauze.

A disposable diaper you just throw them away after use. So these diapers, you must have a large enough supply. Convenient to buy these diapers big packs. But it is only when you choose the best for your child brand. I also allergic.

Changing mandatory for each baby chair. But change it after each urination - decide. The less contact the baby's skin with urine, the less the likelihood of diaper rash. Cheaper diapers are wet already at the first urination of the baby. More expensive keep the moisture inside without letting it touch skin.

The chair of the newborn can be up to 12 times a day, that is to change a diaper is necessary at each feeding baby (every 2-3 hours), and even more often. Note that while sucking is relaxing sphincters, that during feeding well depart gases and chair. Because the diaper change is better after feeding. Although it is not very convenient, if your baby likes to fall asleep while eating.

Cleansing of the skin. Every time you change the diaper clean the baby's skin. You can use special wipes or just a cloth dampened with water wool. Might as well wash away the child under running water. But when it comes to a newborn, do it extremely inconvenient: hand mom is still unsteady. To wash away girls definitely movements from front to back. This is necessary to avoid contamination of the female reproductive system. The boy can be substituted for the water jet and booty.

When you lie with the baby in the postpartum unit, you should be plenty wet wipes. In the first days after birth the baby will have to withdraw so-called "original chair" or meconium- a thick green mass, located in the intestine before birth. This chair is much more thick and sticky than the one that will be from human milk. Easiest original chair to wash with water and baby soap. But in the hospital this is usually to do very uncomfortable, the sink provides more hand wash than cleaning children. In addition, often young mothers are afraid to just hold the baby in her arms, not to mention the fact that to do any manipulation to the canopy. You can ask the nurse to show how to wash away the baby. But every time her name will not. So it's best to use wipes. In order to clean baby's skin from the original chair, you need a lot of napkins.

Protection of the skin. The skin of babies is very sensitive. At high humidity and without air (especially in a diaper) is easy to occur diaper rash. Very often they are in areas of folds. Diaper rash looks like a red rash or pimples. They can appear not only the diaper but everywhere baby skin difficult the access of air to the neck, for example). Remember, diaper rash, baby is much easier to prevent than to treat. Therefore, baby's skin must be defended. You can use the oil. It is perfect for chubby babies and toddlers with dry skin. Oil especially careful to miss the mark places of folds not only milk, but also on the neck, in the armpits and in the bend of the limbs.

Use a protective cream under a diaper. It must apply to cleansed skin under a diaper. Not all of the cream is necessary to smear in every diaper change. A protective layer of some creams lasts for several hours even with cleansing wipes. Well, if the cream be zinc. It is well reduces inflammation on the skin. There are of zinc ointment should only be used when severe diaper rash and very carefully: it is very dry skin. As soon as the diaper rash will be better to use a cream that not only protects, but also moisturizes.

To avoid diaper rash how to treat them, will help the air bath. When the baby is awake, keep him naked at least for a few minutes. It is also a way of tempering the baby. Therefore, it is not necessary to undress the child to enable the full capacity of the heater; let the room temperature be the same as always.

Thus, the fundamental aspects of newborn skin care is the cleansing, protection and timely hygiene. If your baby is dry and clean, the occurrence of skin problems in a newborn is minimized.