Benefits of watermelon for pregnant women

Pregnant women to eat watermelon is not only possible, but necessary and useful. The juicy pulp contains essential for the normal development of the unborn baby folic acid, recommended especially for use in the early stages of pregnancy.

In addition, watermelon is a lot of magnesium, lack of which causes irritability, fatigue, lowers resistance to stress. To get the daily requirement of magnesium completely, just enough to eat 150-200 grams of pulp of watermelon is two small pieces.
Diuretic effect of watermelon will help to cope with the fluid retention in the body.

A large amount of fiber in the pulp of watermelon regulates the bowels and relieves constipation, which often affects expectant mothers.

Due to the high iron content of watermelon is recommended to eat the pregnant women in the blood which reduced the level of hemoglobin – watermelon and other foods with high iron content can be used in addition to drugs designed to treat anemia.

Contraindications and precautions

Despite diuretic properties, watermelon may be harmful to pregnant women suffering from edema and disorders of the kidneys due to high content of liquid in the pulp. If the disturbed urine outflow (for example due to kidney stones), eating watermelon is best avoided.

Mothers complaining of disorders of the stomach and intestines, unstable stool and flatulence also have to defer the pleasure till the best times – rich in fluid, fiber and sugars watermelon can cause fermentation in the intestine, and even diarrhea.

The main dangers of the lovers of watermelon, is considered a poisoning is especially dangerous for pregnant women, harmful substances and pathogenic bacteria can induce States that threaten health and life of the mother and fetus.

Do not rush with the purchase to mid-August (the beginning of "watermelon season") the chance to buy stuffed with nitrates watermelon is very high. If the fruit was cut to purchase, peel has damaged, if they are in a pile on the ground or sold near a busy highway – it is better to refuse the offer, the friendly sellers, as tempting as they may sound. Nothing but harm, these melons will bring.
Don't forget before you cut the melon, thoroughly wash it.

In order to avoid breeding of bacteria in sweet pulp, store watermelon in the refrigerator. Try not to buy very large fruit – better to eat watermelon during the day, and then, if you really want to go after next.