First of all, you need to remember one simple rule. Best human body to digest food, including fruits, to which he was accustomed at the genetic level. In other words, if your great-great-grandfather and great-grandfather never ate a mango, and this fruit is alien, especially to the health of your baby.
It is for this reason citrus fruits are to allergenic products. To use during pregnancy tangerines and oranges should be used with caution to further from slices of citrus fruit your child did not have a strong allergic reaction.
Also it will be good if during pregnancy you will give up pineapple. They contain acid, which can cause miscarriage. Of course, the risk that you will eat some slices of pineapple and something irreparable will happen is very low, but caution is still not hurt. It mostly refers to those women who have a high probability of miscarriage, and those who are on the first months of pregnancy.
You should exercise reasonable caution in eating papaya. In unripe fruits this fruit contains a substance that can cause strong uterine contractions. But the ripe papaya fruit do not pose any danger, they are an excellent remedy for heartburn and constipation. In the last trimester is not recommended to eat grapes in large quantities. The berries of these fruits can raise your body temperature and this can have a negative impact on the unborn child.
Watermelons, although not harmful to pregnant women also can have adverse effects on the fetus. Due to the presence of a large number of watermelons sugar baby in the womb is growing by leaps and bounds. Of course, only if you eat these fruits regularly. Therefore, if the fetus has a underweight, watermelon can be the best medicine. If the child is overweight – should refrain from eating such fruit, especially before birth.
By eating fruits during pregnancy do not forget that you need to carefully them to wash out. Otherwise, you may experience diseases, which will pose a serious threat to the health of the expectant mother and baby. These illnesses include, for example, helminthiasis or toxoplasmosis.
When choosing fruits during pregnancy be aware that some imported into Russia from abroad, the products are saturated with pesticides. The latter provoked a lot of diseases, hormonal disorders and even cancer. So don't risk the health of your baby, choose the only proven and safe fruit. It is desirable that they were not purchased, and grown on their own country site.