The symptoms of ptosis of the stomach

The omission of the stomach may be congenital or acquired. To the purchased gastroptosia may cause heavy physical work, lifting, reduction of subcutaneous fat, fast weight loss. There are three degrees of the disease: initial, moderate and strong, with pronounced displacement of the stomach downward. Change the position of this body disrupt its function, reduce peristalsis and disrupt the normal movement of food into the intestine. The deteriorating state of the valve (sphincter) separating the stomach from the esophagus and duodenum. As a result of the stomach into the air, causing belching, and the duodenum it is thrown bile, which causes heartburn. In marked bathygastry is also observed inflection of the initial part of the duodenum, it is hampered by the mass evacuation of food.
Bile trapped in the stomach, corrodes the mucous membranes and is a cause of developing ulcers or erosive gastritis.

The symptoms of prolapse of the stomach include heartburn, belching, heaviness in the stomach. Violations of peristalsis cause rumbling and bloating in the stomach, leading to feeling of fullness of the stomach when taking even small amounts of food. Slow digestion provokes the appearance of unpleasant mouth odor, there are violations of the chair (diarrhea or constipation). With prolapse of the stomach may change the attitude to dietary needs: develops an aversion to food or there is a "ravenous appetite". Urination becomes more frequent during exacerbation of the symptoms appear severe abdominal pain, sometimes fever.

Symptoms of gastroptosia similar to the manifestations of other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract – gastritis, food poisoning, peptic ulcer, colitis, cystitis, acute appendicitis, an early sign of cancer, so correct diagnosis can not always be determined immediately. The omission of the stomach may be, not only in adults but also in children. Signs that may suggest that a child has gastropods: poor appetite, complaints of bloating, constipation, belching, frequent urination, heaviness in the stomach after eating.

Treatment of ptosis of the stomach

In the treatment of gastroptosis is shown wearing a special bandage with a width of 10-15 see to Put a bandage on it in such a way that its top edge is at the level of the most convex part of the abdomen. When bathygastry should be included in the diet of high-calorie foods, eat small frequent meals.
When severe prolapse of the stomach is recommended after a meal to lie down for one to two hours, the last meal should be 5-6 hours before sleep.

To restore and strengthen the abdominal muscles need a massage, gymnastics, swimming. It is recommended to treat gastropod in sanatorium-resort conditions at sea and in mountainous terrain. Surgical treatment of this disease ineffective.