The chances of getting infected

A condom is a good barrier against various infections, sexually transmitted. Wearing a condom greatly reduces the chances of a person to get AIDS from an infected partner. However, it should be noted that the use of a condom only reduces the risk of disease, but is not 100% protection against HIV getting into the body and causes AIDS.

The potential risk of infection through condom AIDS by having sex with an infected sexual partner during the year, approximately 10%. The most effective protection plan are the conventional means of contraception made from latex. The most unsafe condoms are made from natural materials – for example, from processed intestines of sheep. These products are still prevalent in some countries and are a weak defense against getting not just HIV but any other sexually transmitted infections.
The membrane is a latex condom, as opposed to the more natural material, has a higher density, through which the virus is unable to penetrate.

Investigation of the reliability of

Various scientists around the world cite many studies that relate to the reliability of condoms as protection against HIV infection. Many researchers agree on the fact that their efficiency is greater than 85% and most likely will protect you from AIDS. Researchers close to the manufacturers, believe that the effectiveness of condom as means of protection can reach up to 97%. Independent experts say that with the help of high-quality latex products can be protected from the virus only 65%.
There are no studies that have in practice confirmed the ability of the virus to penetrate through the pores of a condom.


It is worth noting that the effectiveness of the protection depends on the correct use of contraceptives. Improper use of condom is able to 30% increase the likelihood of Contracting AIDS. It is easier to get the disease, if the product breaks in the course of sexual intercourse. Before using the product be sure to carefully study the instructions, which always comes.

For example, it is not necessary to simultaneously wear a few products, because the action will not improve protection, but rather can adversely affect the safety of the partners. Incorrectly chosen size and lack of lubrication on the condom also reduces its effectiveness and the likelihood of Contracting not only HIV but also other infections (e.g., trichomoniasis or syphilis).