You will need
  • - soapy water;
  • - acidic solution;
  • - oral contraceptives.
Adopt upright position. Way to try to avoid getting the sperm in the fallopian tube. Sperm under the action of gravity flows from the vagina, without meeting with the egg. But we should not rely solely on this method should be performed and other operations.
Wash with soap vulva. Effective these actions will be approximately the first ten minutes immediately after sexual intercourse. The semen during this time had not yet started moving toward the egg until it thickens vaginal secretions. The use of soap will help stop the process – so the sperm neytralizuya.
Execute douching. The first two methods if you for some reason do not have time to use it to prevent pregnancy, you should perform another operation. As soon as possible after intercourse, it is necessary to create the sperm environment in which fertilization is impossible. To do this, change the acid-base balance, i.e. pH, of the mucous membrane of the vagina. Prepare a special solution – the dining Lodge lemon juice, vinegar half a litre of warm water. With this solution, do the douching, that is, the "washout" of the genitals. Acidic environment significantly decreases sperm motility. Before you apply the solution, be sure to try it out. It needs to be with a slightly sour taste, if the flavor frankly sour, to use a solution is impossible – so easy to burn the vaginal mucosa.
Use post-coital contraceptives. They are effective during unprotected intercourse, it is convenient to use, if suddenly will break the condom. Consult your gynecologist to determine which of these tools suits you best, and always keep a small reserve in case of unforeseen sex without using contraception.