You will need
  • - labor legislation;
  • - staffing;
  • - constituent documents of the organization;
  • - forms of orders;
  • - printing company.
Read the terms of the exclusion of positions from the staffing table in accordance with the labor laws. It is possible in special circumstances (crisis, change, organizational, technological conditions, etc.). Bring the situation to the attention of the employee, the position of which is planned to reduce, not later than two months before the intended procedure. The position is removed from the regular schedule immediately after the entry into force of the order of its change.
Proceed to the preparation of the order. Its header must specify the name of the organization under the Charter or other constituent documents. Write the number and date of issuance of the order, then the date changes to the staffing table, the address of the institution. Theme of the document in the form of local act amendments to staffing. Specify the reason for the order of which is usually a reduction of staff. Inform the administrative part of the title excluded from the schedule of posts. Responsible for the execution of the order will be staffing employee of the company or in his absence the Director-General. Sign the document signature of the responsible person.
Issue an order about the reduction of staff. Set name to be excluded from the staffing positions, as well as personal data of the employee that it was occupied. Reassure the Director and introduce a downsized employee with this document.
Remember the timing of interventions to reduce post. They must be conducted so that the employee was notified of the reduction not later than two months before the entry into force of the relevant order. For this you need to give him notice to sign. The second copy of the notification is attached to the common cause of the employee.