These symptoms cannot be ignored and it is desirable to find out the reasons of their appearance with the help of a doctor. Pain in the vagina can be of different nature and intensity. Acute, sharp pain occurs when injuries of the genitals. Stabbing and aching pain indicate inflammatory diseases of the genital areas or its adjacent organs. If pain in the vagina accompanied by itching, it is a sign of diseases such as colpitis, vaginitis. The presence of infections, for example chlamydia and Trichomonas – also provoke itching.

As evidenced by the pain and itching

Pain and itching in the vagina can be accompanied by heavy secretions, redness of the genitals, burning sensation accompanying urination and so on. most Often, the reason lies in the sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The doctor will direct the patient with similar problems for their identification. It should say that it is quite expensive from a monetary side, but will reveal unpleasant disease as ureaplasmas, Trichomonas, chlamydia. These diseases are very dangerous to those that run for a long time asymptomatic, but can lead to chronic diseases of female sexual sphere, and in the future may develop secondary infertility, increased risk of miscarriage during pregnancy and other troubles. Because early detection and treatment of diseases of the guarantee in the future the birth of healthy offspring.

Itching unpleasant fact that regular brushing only cause even greater discomfort, and can also trigger the entry of new infections. In connection with the EIM should pay special attention to the rules of personal hygiene, refuse synthetic underwear. Can help baths with soothing means, for example, with the addition of chamomile.

Soreness and irritation may cause dyspareunia is irritation and pain in the vagina during intercourse, and also before and after. Dyspareunia occurs due to changes in the vagina, for example, its atrophy. The same symptoms often accompanied by menopause (cessation of menstruation). This is due to changes occurring in the female body during menopause.

What to do

With pain and itching in the vagina a woman can face at any age. And even little girls sometimes arise such unpleasant symptoms, but most often they are associated with inadequate hygiene. However, you must remember that if you experience any pain, itching or any other unpleasant and prevent a full of life symptoms should immediately seek the advice of a physician and in any case not to self-medicate.