Why do I need to lower libido?

Really, why? Most people complain just on its reduction or complete absence, and the Internet is replete with many techniques and ways to increase libido. And this, incidentally, is absolutely fine, because a reduced libido in most cases, evidence of poor health, disease, and deterioration of the General condition of the organism as a whole. However, there are those who suffer from an unusually high sex desire, and suffering in the literal sense of the word. And in this context we will talk about those women who are not satisfied with their hypersexuality.

The constant desire, uncontrollable and sometimes accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen, the woman does not promise anything good. This is akin to obsession, eager for their implementation. And in some cases, even the realization of sexual desires does not lead to the desired effect, but only slightly reduces the attraction for some time. Constant desire will not allow you to work properly, it is productive to think, to focus on something important or just to sleep. And many women with a high libido even admit that they become less receptive to morality and ethics.

How to reduce libido?

If you are faced with the need to reduce your sexual attraction to the opposite sex, then immediately tune in to some serious work on yourself, because it is not limited to the reception of any miracle tablets.

Of course, there are things that can lower your libido better self-hypnosis. For example, iron deficiency can reduce your life energy, and as a consequence sexual desire. Drugs diuretics and beta blockers that reduce blood pressure, reduce blood flow to the genitals. Painkillers, diabetes, obesity or dramatic weight loss – anything that can spoil your health will allow and to get rid of sexual desire.
But a smart woman will resort to such things.

More loyal method is the contraceptive pill, as some of them do reduce libido. And that's all we can advise those who wish to get rid of desire, nothing for it without doing. But if you are serious, there are some ways to help make your life a little easier.

Rebuild your day so had no free time. The maximum load a complex work requiring concentration and attention. Think, solve complex problems, take on more responsibility. Be sure to include in your daily routine exhausting load (only gradually). Fitness, running, and better than real sports. In this case, you will fall asleep as soon as touches the pillow. After all, if you think you are not satisfied and unhappy, you have, without a doubt, there is for this time and effort.

Try to spend less time with any men and more time with the children, his or someone else doesn't matter. Play with them, invent fun activities, help them with difficulties. Adopt a global goal that must be achieved and that it was not related to relationships with men, think about her often. A great solution is to abandon the Masturbation, as paradoxical as it sounds. The less reminders about sex, the better.
This should be done gradually, not injuring mentality and weak will power. At first it will be incredibly difficult, but eventually you won't even remember about it.

In fact, this is only a small part of what can be done. Universal approach – to move on to something more important and valuable. After all, sex is not the main part of your life. Develop and improve yourself, look for what you need is actually your soul, and then you will get all, whenever you want.