You will need
  • - Social problem;
  • - solutions;
  • - extensive material on this topic;
  • supplies.
If you do not give rest to some social problem, and you know how to solve it, you can create your social project. But the process of design is preceded by a long, large-scale, multi-tiered information gathering on this issue.
A distinctive feature of the social project that it is absolutely new product. The special value of such a project is not created by a specialist and an ordinary citizen, is that its recommendations are not divorced from the actual situation and adapted to the existing reality. But in order for your project has attracted attention and has been implemented, you should submit not just an interesting and productive idea, but to convince everyone that the current situation requires such changes.
You can spend on the problem poll, where your arguments and proposals will be supported by public opinion.
If your project will be accompanied by expert opinions, statistical data, opinions of experts, the chances of its implementation increase.
Remember that your social project is an official document, and avoid inaccuracies and "freestyle" in the design. The work should be written in formal business style with elements of research (if any research).
You can also bring the positive experience of social change, similar (but not identical) to yours. Drawing analogies between the future and the positive effect is already real achievements will greatly enhance your project in the eyes of the Commission.
In most of today's social projects involving volunteers and members of charitable organizations. In other words, in the solution of social problems involved society itself. Therefore, to promote their ideas, you can contact the associates from non-profit organizations.