Abstract of the project is the introduction part of many forms of applications for grant. She introduces the members of the Commission, grant-awarding organization with the main provisions of the draft in a shortened form. So is one of the main components of the description of the project and is written after the development of the entire project reflecting the most important events, expected results and originality of the project. The abstract volume is one third to one half of the page.
Most often, the description of the project starting from problem statement to be solved by the implementation. Here can be statistics, facts, talking about the relevance of the chosen topic, the achievements of your organization in this direction, the preconditions for the development of this project. This section takes an average of one page of printed text.
Next, you should write the purpose and objectives of the project. If the goal is a broader meaning and should overlap with the subject of the competition that you are preparing an application, the tasks should be feasible, logically interrelated and involve a number of measures spelled out below. This section can also be target groups of the project, which will have a positive impact on its implementation.
An important part of the description of the project is a phased implementation plan. Traditionally, the stages are divided into preparatory, basic and final. Usually it is populated in a table and contains a list of activities, deadlines for their implementation, a description of positive outcomes for the target groups and persons responsible. Some managers begin working on the project with the development of this part of it, in this case, the other sections are filled faster and easier.
The final section of the description of the project contains expected results as a result of its implementation and its further development. Expected results can be divided into qualitative and quantitative, while the latter are more binding. Information on the further development of the project must convince the Committee members that the work in this direction is not disposable and will develop in the future.