Copropriete than to start writing a school project, ask yourself the question the answer to which you want to find as your research. To the main question formulate some follow-up. Remember that in a well-put question contains half the answer.
Plan projectassistant for yourself the project plan. Note at least in General terms, you need to research how to find and how the result should look like.
Materialsource the material on which you will conduct the study. It can be books, articles from scientific journals, etc. keep in Mind that this material then you will be the bibliography, so I write down what information and from what sources you take.
Vvedenie, any good project should contain an introduction, the introductory part. In the introduction, write what problem you propose to consider, and why it is relevant. Briefly specify and the background of the problem, what are the circumstances that led to its emergence.
Cervicoplasty to write the first draft of your school project. In the initial stages of thinking about the logical structure of the whole project, but each expressed your statement must be reasoned.
Association and detalizaziya try to build your created material (still raw) in a single clear structure. Make a more detailed project plan. Reference points take in the contents.
Zaklyucheniem conclusion, can you tell us what results you have achieved while doing research. Formulate the main conclusions. Briefly summarize how the project helps to solve the stated at the beginning of the problem.
Bibliografia bibliography specify the sources you use when writing a school project. For books include title, author, publisher, year of issue. Now you can place the bibliography and links to Internet resources.
Time will autologice the project for some time. It may be a day or two or even a week - depends on how much time you have available. Allow yourself a break from your project. Then come back to it again. Carefully re-read project. Maybe something you want to remove, and something to tell in detail. Correct the errors and inaccuracies. Then give the project to check your teacher (supervisor, supervisor).